Cal-Berkeley Gives Funding, Hotline Number for Illegal Immigrants to Escape ICE Enforcement

The ultra-liberal University of California, Berkeley is pushing a “rapid response hotline” set up by advocacy groups for illegal immigrants to help undocumented students avoid ICE detainment and flout the law on campus.

The College Fix reports that Cal-Berkeley is promoting a hotline set up by the Alameda County Immigration Legal and Education Partnership, which is a coalition of Centro Legal de La Raza and other pro-illegal groups, to undermine ICE enforcement.

“If you see Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) in action, suspect ICE activity in progress, or if you are detained or someone you know is detained by ICE, call ACILEP for rapid response and immigration legal services,” Centro Legal’s website states.

This is apart of Cal-Berkeley’s “Undocumented Student Program” that teaches students and faculty different strategies on how to circumvent ICE and prevent them from enforcing the law.

The federally-funded public university provides legal assistance to illegals to help them jam up the courts at taxpayer expense so illegals can remain in the country despite their flagrant law-breaking.

“Our legal team has expertise in a wide range of immigration legal matters, including, but not limited to, family-based immigration, FOIA/criminal background checks, immigration consequences of criminal convictions, asylum, U/T visas, Special Immigrant Juvenile visas, DACA, advance parole, naturalization, and regularly represents clients in matters before USCIS, BIA, and the Immigration Courts,” their website states.

“Clients will be provided with legal information, a general consultation to create a pathway to legal status, when possible, and in many cases, full legal representation with regards to their immigration matters,” it states.

The program also makes it easy for illegals to grab more taxpayer dollars to help subsidize the position in the school system that they are taking from lawful American citizens.

“Undocumented students with AB540 status qualify for many forms of financial aid, including exemption from nonresident tuition (which means you’ll be eligible for in-state tuition and fees) along with Cal Grants, UC grants and scholarships, and private scholarships,” their website states.

President Donald Trump certainly has his work cut out for him, with liberal-dominated universities throughout the country working to subvert the rule of law while churning out cultural Marxists to further erode the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

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