California Border Patrol Discover 27 Pounds of Meth in Booster Seat

According to a recent announcement by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol authorities, Border Patrol agents in Murrieta, California arrested the driver of a car who was transporting 27 pounds of methamphetamine. 

Per a report by Jill McLaughlin of The Epoch Times, the meth was stored in child booster seats.   

The suspect was an American citizen who was driving on Interstate 15 on June 15. 

“Drug smugglers will use any means necessary to get their poison onto our streets. Nothing is sacred to them, not even family,” declared Aaron M. Heitke, Chief Patrol Agent at the San Diego Sector, in a press release.

The suspect was driving with his wife and four of their children when agents stopped the vehicle. 

A K9 team was sent to the vehicle and were able to find meth in three booster seats inside of the car. Multiple packages were discovered with meth inside of them, per the report from the US Border Patrol.

The estimated street value of the meth seized was around $60,000.

Agents subsequently sent the driver over to the Inland Crackdown Allied Task Force to face prosecution. 

Border Patrol seized the vehicle, while the four children and their mother were released.

According to reports from US Customs and Border Protection, 191,834 pounds of meth was seized in the fiscal year of 2021. 

Drug busts like this case will become even more commonplace as the border remains porous. 

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