California Democrats Push for Constitutional Amendment to Destroy Gun Rights

On August 14, 2023 California Assembly members Reggie Jones-Sawyer and State Senator Aisha Wahab introduced a joint resolution pushing for a constitutional convention to enact Governor Gavin Newsom’s amendment prohibiting “assault weapons.”

Per a Breitbart News report, Newsom introduced his 28th Amendment on June 8 in order to make broad-sweeping gun control measures constitutional.

Newsom’s amendment has the aim of raising the minimum purchase age for all firearms to 21, implement a waiting period on firearm purchases, ban firearms which Democrats have designated “assault weapons,” and pass universal background checks.

The resolution introduced by Jones-Sawyer and Wahab pushes for a convention to pass the amendment. Two-thirds of the other states must go through the same process in order to make this constitutional amendment national policy. 

According to a report by Sacramento Bee, constitutional scholars analyzing Newsom’s plans commented that it is “essentially impossible.”

On top of that, California already has all the gun control measures featured in Newsom’s proposed amendment on the books. Despite these measures on the books, north of 17% of annual gun deaths in the US occur in California.

California is a place where gun rights go to die. According to Guns & Ammo best states for gun owners rankings, it’s ranked in an abysmal 48th place. So it’s no shock that such radical anti-gun measures would come from such a state. 

As it currently stands, pro-gun reforms can’t come at the state level in California. They will have to come through litigation in the court system or through nullification measures at the local level.

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