California Elected Officials Put Forward Bill to Allow Murderers Serving Life Without Parole to Receive Reduced Sentences

California elected officials have put forward legislation that would grant murderers in prison for life without parole the power to request a re-sentencing. In effect, these killers could request lower sentencing. 

California Senate Bill 94 is currently on the floor for a full vote by the California Assembly. Should this bill be passed, judicial review can be used to reduce sentences for several felons accused of serious crimes, which includes murder, if the offense took place before June 5, 1990, and they’ve finished at least 25 years of their sentence.

Individuals convicted of a first-degree murder of a police officer would be eligible for re-sentencing, while individuals who were eligible would now have the chance to appear before a parole board, which could still deny their release.

California State Senator  Dave Cortese introduced the legislation, declaring on social media that he was “thrilled that these key bills of mine passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee.”

“I’d like to say I am shocked Senate Bill 94 passed out of the Democrat-controlled Assembly Appropriations Committee, but I’m not,” declared Jessica Millan Patterson, chair of the California Republican Party, in a statement that Fox News reported. “California Democrats continue to send a crystal-clear message to all Californians: they would rather protect violent murderers than focus their efforts on true public safety and protecting victims.”

Republican assemblyman Bill Essayli, who previously worked as a federal prosecutor, stated that people sentenced for gruesome crimes should serve their entire prison term, even if that’s life without the potential for parole.

“Killing two individuals with aggravating circumstances isn’t enough to justify a LWOP sentence? Being an accomplice to a mass murderer isn’t?,” he questioned. “Killing a peace officer is sufficiently heinous, but killing a firefighter or other public official isn’t? These exclusions are purely political.”

“LWOP sentences are promises to the victim’s families that they need never fear the person will be let out of prison,” Essayli continued. “This will permit a large percentage of LWOP offenders to be re-sentenced to standard first-degree murder and eligible for parole immediately.”

This is to be expected from California, a culturally leftist jurisdiction where lawmakers work diligently to promote social disorder and reconstruct basic sexual norms, among other awful policies. This latest pro-criminal policy will allow select murders to go back on the streets and potentially continue their criminal streaks. 

While the number of killers initially eligible for resentencing might not be so large, it still kicks off the precedent for releasing future hoarders of murderers and other violent criminals. At that point, California and other states that indulge in these pro-criminal policies will have fully turned their jurisdictions into de facto Gothams. 

In that type of scenario, criminals will rule the day. Every red state should labor to maintain law & order policies and thoroughly reject “criminal justice reform.” This is what must be done to maintain any semblance of order in this otherwise Clown World polity.

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