California Government Approves Math Curriculum Championing ”Social Justice” Over Normal Skills

On July 12, 2023, the California State Board of Education gave the green light to a new math framework on July 12 that promotes wokism as opposed to basic skills connected to the workplace. Critics contend that this newly approved framework promotes teaching political activism to children instead of honing their math and educational skills.

The framework was detailed in a 1,000-page guidance document. It went through four years of revisions and three drafts that received public feedback.

The critics of this framework argue that it features concepts of social justice, political activism, and environmental justice in the math curriculum. They make the case that the emphasis on these leftist topics is an unnecessary diversion from learning actual math skills. 

.The California State Board of Education claims that the framework has the goal of aligning math concepts across grade levels, guaranteeing equal access to high school math pathways, providing several approaches to support student progress, broadening course options, and developing data literacy skills.

Due to the concerns about this framework being politicized throughout its developmental stages, on July 13, 2021, over 1,000 people, which includes math and science professors, business professionals, and venture capitalists, signed an open letter from the Independent Institute directed to Governor Gavin Newsom manifesting their concerns about several elements of this earlier version of the framework. That letter did compel policymakers to make revisions to several parts of the framework.

While modifications have been made to the framework, critics maintain that it is still rife with social justice concepts, which they believe introduces unnecessary political agendas into math teaching and may have deleterious effects on the learning process. Overall, they maintain that the framework replaces the traditional concentration on math with a more politicized approach.

This is one of the many dangers connected with state-run education. Government schooling can be easily captured by political whackos who are capable of subjecting hundreds of thousands of students to full-blown indoctrination. 

In the short-to-medium term such education bureaucracies should be purged of cultural leftists. However, in the long-term, public education must be ultimately downsized and the education sector must feature more competition across the board so that our youth can receive the best education possible.

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