California Independent Gas Station Owners Speak Out Against 2035 Gas Car Ban: ‘We Are All Going To Suffer Through It’

California is doing what it does best, by promoting the utmost worst policies.

In case you missed it, California will cut all sales of gas vehicles by 2035. The move will destroy independent gas station businesses, who are, very understandably, not happy at all. 

In a statement to the LA times, one independent gas station owner had this to say about the gas vehicle ban: “Most of the independents will be put out of business — completely out of business.” 

“We are all going to suffer through it, ” Charles Khalil, an owner of two gas stations, said to the Los Angeles Times.

Adnan Ayoub, another independent proprietor, said the zero-emission rule “is not going to be fun for a lot of us.”

“When the gas [cars] go away, I don’t know how many customers I would lose,” Ayoub, who has worked in the industry for over thirty years, stated. 

“I’m kind of on the way out, looking for something else to do,” he added.

Ayoub thought about putting electric vehicle charging facilities at his gas station, but when he saw how much it would cost, it just simply didn’t make sense. 

The law will put the 5,081 small-owner gas stations in California at risk. 

According to Loren McDonald, an expert in the electric car industry, half of the small gas station owner stations in California will be forced to shut down by 2035. 

The regulations come after the California Air Resource Board approved them with the goal of transforming California into a so-called zero-emission state by year 2035. 

The board’s Chairman, Liane Radolph, had this to say about the policy: “Rapidly accelerating the number of ZEVs on our roads and highways will deliver substantial emission and pollution reductions to all Californians, especially for those who live near roadways and suffer from persistent air pollution.”

In recent years, California has become known for promoting what progressives love to call the “green revolution.” Democrat governor Gavin Newsom has made it his priority to wage war on fossil fuels. 

Newsom signed six measures that aim to make fossil fuel users’ and producers’ lives more difficult. With state plans to have an entirely carbon free electric grid by 2045

The anti-gas regulations won’t stop people from driving all gas-powered vehicles, but it certainly will make their life a lot more difficult. Perhaps that’s the point.

California’s radical green policy has also been causing some very real issues for citizens like, for instance, the blackouts that occurred during the 2020 wildfires.

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