California is the First State to Dole Out Food Benefits to Several Illegal Aliens

According to The Los Angeles Times, California will be the first state to grant food benefits to illegal aliens in accordance with a state budget plan that was rolled out earlier this week.

This program aims to provide welfare benefits to illegal aliens, who aren’t eligible for federal assistance programs such as food stamps.

This new program is only going towards California residents 55 years and older, which has not satisfied anti-poverty proponents.

“All Californians, regardless of their age or where they were born, should have access to basic necessities like food and fair, steady wages. Yet needless barriers continue to exclude hundreds of thousands of our neighbors and families from critical, lifesaving services,” remarked Sarah Dar, a policy director at the California Immigrant Policy Center.

The budget deal that California Governor Gavin Newsom signed off on features $35.2 million to extend California’s food assistance program to age-eligible residents “regardless of immigration status.” The funding for this new program is expected to grow to $113.4 million annually in the fiscal year 2025-26.

Several groups of legal immigrants are also not eligible to receive federal food benefits. But as the LA Times report noted, the state of California “has provided state-funded assistance for that group, totaling 35,000 people, for decades.”

The most recent state budget expands the California Food Assistance Program to cover immigrants older than 55 irrespective of their immigration status.

Per a report by the Legislative Analyst’s Office, this new policy is projected to cover an additional 75,000 Californians annually.

Several anti-poverty proponents argued that the age cutoff Newsom established for this program is too high. But that may be the point. The progressive Left understands the value of incrementalism with regards to the politics they pursue. This is especially true with mass migration and other policies that benefit illegal aliens, which are categorically unpopular among the average American voter. 

California is an easy testing ground for globalist policies of this nature given its monolithically Democratic status and its post-national orientation. Rest assured, this program is only the beginning. More benefits will be extended to the illegal alien population, which in California’s case, numbers 2 million according to Pew Research data.

Other states will follow in California’s footsteps if the mass migration floodgates aren’t closed. Hence the importance of implementing an immigration moratorium to end this madness. 

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