California Lawmaker Introduces Legislation to Have Banks Stop Doing Business With Gun Manufacturers

On February 16, 2023, California State Senator Dave Min introduced SB 637, which mandates that Californian public finance agencies stop doing business with any banks or lending institutions that have business ties with gun  manufacturers.  Larry Keane of the National Sports Shooting Foundation noted that SB 637 would “affect every aspect of California’s finances, including municipal bonds, capital projects, and the state’s debt.”

Keane added that Min’s bill is a state-level version of Operation Choke Point, an unconstitutional maneuver conducted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to discriminate against gun manufacturers and businesses. Per a United States House Oversight and Government Reform investigation, the FDIC was found  to have place federally licensed firearms vendors and other companies in the firearms and ammunition sectors on a list of high-risk businesses — all without a shred of evidence to justify their actions.

Min’s bill would cut off all business ties with any corporate entity unless it embraces the California state government’s mandate that those businesses break business ties to lawful, credit-worthy gun manufacturers.

Finance has gone woke lately so a little state nudging will make it easily comply with the ruling class’s anti-gun agenda. The Right needs to get prepped for the attacks finance will use against the firearms sector. The state will obviously have a hand in these attacks. Nevertheless, right-wing governments must be willing to confront public and private actors who assault our freedoms. A private actor engaging in bad behavior should not be exempt from punishment. Plain and simple.

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