California Magazine Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

A ban implemented by the State of California on firearm magazines that carry more than 10 rounds has been declared to be unconstitutional by a federal judge.

Roger Benitez, a judge for the U.S District Court of Southern California, had already ruled against the law in 2017 days before it was set to be implemented. A federal appeals court confirmed his decision, and on Friday Benitez issued another ruling blocking the ban from being implemented.

It’s already illegal to purchase or transmit magazines with more than a 10-round capacity in California. The ban that Benitez overturned would have gone even further in requiring those who already possess such commonly-owned magazines to destroy or give up their magazines. The most common sporting rifles owned by civilians in the United States usually accept 30-round magazines.

Unfortunately, gun owners and those looking to enter the hobby in California have no way to acquire standard capacity magazines for firearms such as the iconic AR-15. Californians instead are forced to utilize 10-round “baby” magazines. Plenty of semiautomatic pistols have magazines that accept more than 10 rounds, as well.

Judge Benitez stated that “individual liberty and freedom are not outdated concepts” in issuing the ruling, a blow to gun control advocates in California and across the nation such as Michael Bloomberg and George Soros. He decided that the magazine ban would have failed the legal test set as precedent in the famous DC vs Heller case, and also cited cases in which law-abiding individuals were able to justifiably defend themselves using guns with magazines that would’ve been made illegal.

Lawfully armed citizens throughout the state will be hoping that the Judge’s ruling will serve as grounds to throw out California’s magazine purchase ban as soon as possible.

Elsewhere in the world of gun control, a nationwide gun grab measure in New Zealand has failed to retrieve more than 37 firearms.

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