California Man Has Been Arrested, Released Without Bail Seven Times Since Beginning of Shelter-in-Place Order

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department is pointing to the crime spree of a California man who has been arrested a whopping seven times since the initiation of the state’s ‘shelter-in-place’ order, arguing he’s been enabled by state and county jailbreak policies that seek to empty detention facilities on the basis of the coronavirus threat.

Waseen Abuhwaidi has been arrested for multiple assaults, stolen vehicles, theft, trespassing, robbery, and attempted carjacking. It appears his quarantine crime spree appears to have come to an end with a Monday arrest, as an Alameda County judge has ordered him detained with a $200,000 bail. Abuhwaidi would’ve been all but certainly detained with a bond if not for the coronavirus epidemic, which has eliminated standard bail requirements for criminal defendants, including repeat offenders.

Most recently Abuhwaidi was arrested for an alleged assault in Dublin, California, with police describing the man as fleeing officers that responded to the incident. He’s suspected of other crimes in several Alameda county cities.

Even in times of a public health emergency, it’s hard to think of a justification for freeing someone so intent on crime from the jail system.

Some California jail inmates have been caught on camera attempting to intentionally infect themselves with coronavirus in order to be granted a health jailbreak from the detention system.

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