California Politician Calls for Parents to Leave the State

California State Senator Scott Wilk has called on parents in the state to “flee” the Golden State if they “love their children” as a response to what he describes as worrisome language in a freshly introduced gender identity bill.

Per the Daily Signal, Wilk is the lone  voice cautioning against the language featured in the bill, AB 957, which a Democratic State Senator amended on June 5, 2023 to rewrite the state’s Family Code to list “gender affirmation” next to a child’s need for “health, safety and welfare.”

Under AB 957, which was put forward by Assemblywoman Lori Wilson and co-authored by State Senator Scott Weiner, a parent could lose custody of their child for not “affirming” their baseless assertions concerning gender identity.

“I’m now in year 11 in the state legislature, and all the time we’re proposing policies to protect children. After 11 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to start protecting parents. That’s just not happening. I’ve been here and witnessed a full frontal assault on charter schools, taking away parents’ choice in how their children are going to be educated to the detriment particularly of children of color. In recent years, we have put government bureaucrats between parents, children, and doctors when it comes to medical care—and now we have [AB 957] where if a parent does not support the ideology of the government, [children are] going to be taken away from the home…” Wilk said in a speech. 

I  was born and raised in this state. I love this state, but I’m not going to stay in this state. It’s just too oppressive and I believe in freedom and so I’m going to move to America when I leave the legislature,” Wilk added.

California is the poster child for out of control neoliberal leftism. From its green policies that have wrecked its economy to its full-blown embrace of leftist degeneracy, California represents everything wrong with America. At this point, it would be best for California residents to flee this state en masse. There’s simply no point in living in such a degenerate hellhole.

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