California Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Judge’s Pro-Jail Break Order

California sheriff Don Barnes is refusing to enforce a judge’s jailbreak order.

On December 11, 2020, Orange County Superior Court Judge Peter Wilson requested that 50 percent — 1,858 inmates out of 3,716 — of inmates be released from Orange County jails. These inmates include people who are serving time for murder.

According to Isabel van Brugen of the Epoch Times, the judge used the Wuhan virus pandemic as the pretext to release these criminals. They believe that by releasing these inmates they can supposedly curb the spread of the Wuhan virus. It’s almost as if pro-criminal politicians are looking for every excuse possible to break criminals loose.

“I have no intention of releasing any of these individuals from my custody,” declared Sheriff Barnes, who was adamantly against this order. “We are going to file an appeal and we’re going to fight it and if the judge has any intent of releasing any one of these individuals, he will have to go through line by line, name by name, and tell me which ones he is ordering released.”

On “Fox & Friends”, Barnes said he has no intention of letting these inmates loose. Barnes is of the view that they pose a “serious threat.”

Wilson’s order was spurred by a lawsuit that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed back in April where it vowed to protect Orange County Jail’s inmates from the Wuhan virus.

“Public safety does not just mean crime,” ACLU’s Jacob Reisburg declared, who came to the defense of Wilson’s ruling.

“Public safety also means, is there a hospital bed open if you get sick? And if there’s a massive outbreak in the jail, which this depopulation order is trying to avoid, there will not be hospital capacity in Orange County for people on the outside who get COVID.”

So far, Barnes revealed that approximately 400 inmates with low-level offenses have been let loose since March. Barnes stated that the rest of the inmates are “serious offenders.”

“Of the medically vulnerable, 90 of them are in custody for murder or attempted murder, 94 for child molestation,” Barnes continued.

Wilson issued the order after a recent uptick in cases that took place in the county jail. On December 11, the sheriff announced an outbreak with 138 cases, which jumped to 416 by December 14. Barnes did point out, though, that the facility recently started testing all individuals, which included asymptomatic patients.

“We have inmates who are participating in different practices. Either going to medical appointments or going to court or meeting with their attorneys. These people are all from the general public and we know there’s a surge within the general public,” Barnes commented.

“Many of these inmates are in pre-trial status for, or have been convicted of, violent crimes and will be released back into the community,” he added in a different statement.

“This order puts our community at substantial risk and does not take into account the impact on the victims of these crimes,” Barnes concluded.

What we’re witnessing is part of a broader acceptance of jailbreak policies in which leftist politicians and other government officials are letting criminals run loose and wreak havoc.

Los Angeles’s new District Attorney George Gascón is already promising to end cash bail for many criminal activities, stop using enhanced sentencing, and discontinuing the practice of sentencing juveniles as adults

It’s probably time for conservatives to wake up and smell the hot coffee.

California is lost.

Not only is it difficult for Californians to defend themselves because of the state’s gun control laws, the state now doesn’t even care about public order. This is a state’s mind on leftism, and it will continue spiraling out of control.

What California is currently experiencing belongs in a Banana Republic, not a serious country.

Sadly, Blue states are doing all they can to emulate these countries, and this could be America’s fate if the Left is able to establish itself as a uniparty at the federal level.

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