California University Dumps ‘Offensive’ Mascot

A California university has done away with its mascot after years of outcry from student who denounced it as “offensive.”

“California State University’s campus in Long Beach is ditching its longtime mascot amid accusations of racism and officially moving to pick either a new symbol or have no mascot at all,” according to Fox News. “The university ditched its ‘Prospector Pete’ character in September after criticism that it was offensive to indigenous people.”

“Prospector Pete” was an ode to Gold Rush days, when gold prospectors headed to California in search of treasure. The school described the Gold Rush as “a time in history when the indigenous peoples of California endured subjugation, violence and threats of genocide.”

A statue of the mascot was moved to a less prominent place on campus last year after students complained.

Recently, another university removed its mascot after the social justice crowd leaned on the administration. George Washington University, whose mascot was George Washington and whose nickname was “The Colonials” was forced to stop honoring the nation’s first president. He is too racist for 2019.

Big League Politics reported:

A private university in Washington, D.C., is doing away with its mascot due to concerns about its “inclusivity.”

“The George Washington University student body voted Thursday to ‘remove and replace’ its mascot, the George the Colonial,” according to Campus Reform.

George the Colonial was obviously meant to depict Revolutionary War General and the first president of the United States, George Washington.

But a small minority of students at the university worried that the mascot was not sufficiently progressive, presumably due to the fact that Washington was a white man who owned slaves. Despite founding the greatest nation in the history of the planet, Washington’s fatal flaw was that he existed as an ordinary white male of his time.

Haley Margolis, a Student Association Senator, orchestrated a panel earlier this year called “Is the GW Colonial Inclusive School Spirit.” She reportedly told Campus Reform that “school spirit is something that should be based on equality.”

The far left will not stop until every trace of American history is sanitized.

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