Campaign to Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom Campaign Grows Stronger

California Governor Gavin Newsom is feeling the heat for his controversial Wuhan virus lockdown orders.

Drew van Voorhis at The Epoch Times reported that a campaign with the aim of recalling Governor Gavin Newsom is gaining major traction in Orange County and across the Golden State. In recent weeks, leading Republicans in Orange County have endorsed the recall effort. They called attention to draconian lockdown measures and their negative impact on Californians.

The petition to kick off the recall process was organized by the political action committee Rescue California. A judge granted the petition an extension on November 6, which now gives it until March 17, 2021 to attain the minimum 1,495,709 required to initiate the recall.  At the moment, the petition has over 820,000 signatures.

The Lincoln Club of Orange County, a pro-business political group, threw their support behind the campaign on December 8, 2020. Seth Morrison, executive director of the Lincoln Club said to the The Epoch Times, “We feel confident that the recall team has the tools necessary to be successful, and we are seeing more and more people step up to get involved. The governor should be very nervous.”

The Epoch Times was able to reach out Rachel Potucek, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Orange County. In an email, Potucek declared, “It is highly unlikely that a recall would ultimately succeed. This is clearly a political stunt.”

Potucek defended “expert” opinion on the Wuhan virus lockdowns. She stated:

To protect our businesses, we must stop COVID-19. To stop COVID-19, we must listen to health experts.

Morrison added that the lockdowns’ economic impact on small businesses and parents’ decisions to reduce work hours or leave their jobs to take care of their kids who no longer attend school in person are other factors that motivated him to support the recall.

Republican Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner has also voiced his support for the recall initiative. He is the honorary chair of the recall campaign.

“I support the recall because the governor has demonstrated repeated failures to protect the people of California,” Wagner told The Epoch Times.

“His COVID responses have been erratic, hypocritical, not worked, and made the mental, physical and emotional health of California worse, not better,” Wagner added.

On top of that, Wagner criticized Newsom for supporting affirmative action and having a fancy dinner at the French Laundry restaurant with lobbyists while millions of Californians are forced to stay home. This incident became a national scandal, which forced Newsom to issue a public apology.

“He wants to replace all cars with electric vehicles in a few years, but can’t keep the power on today,” Wagner added. “He has mismanaged the forests so that wildfires are destroying lives and whole communities.”

Wagner reference the mass exodus of people from California due to bad policies:

People are fleeing California because of all this mismanagement. We cannot take too much more of it.

In addition, Wagner has started his own petition, Open CAL Now, protesting the lockdowns.

Earlier this month, Wagner put forward a resolution that aims to place the country, as opposed to the state government, as the main entity in charge of controlling public health measures.

Some other Orange County leaders who are in favor of the recall effort include former Mayor of Anaheim Curt Pringle, former Supervisor Jim Silva, and Republican Party of Orange County Chairman Fred Whitaker. They have all joined as honorary chairs or co-chairs for the recall campaign.

Rescue California was successful in recalling Governor Gray Davis back in 2003.

California is where freedom goes to die. The state has little respect for lawful citizens’ right to self-defense and is hostile towards peaceful commerce. It’s no surprise why hundreds of thousands of Californians leave the state annually.

Given that California is practically a one-party state, a recall efforts is probably the only way that Newsom can be disciplined for his political misbehavior.

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