Campus Craziness: Tulane University Takes Down Victory Bell Because of its “Racist” Past

NBC News reported that school officials at a New Orleans university took down a Victory Bell after discovering that it was used on a plantation. They justified the move claiming that it symbolized a “horrific part of our nation’s past.”

Tulane University officials said in a letter addressed to Tulane students that it was “terribly disheartening” to discover the history of the monument, which they described as the “symbol of the Tulane spirit.”

The bell was set up at the university six decades ago. Traditionally, the bell was rung in celebration following Tulane basketball wins.

However, board Chairman Doug Hertz and President Mike Fitts disclosed in the letter that officials found out last week that the bell was forged in 1825 and “was used to direct the movement of enslaved Africans” per the NBC News report.

“Now that we understand its history as an instrument of slavery, continuing to use this bell in a celebratory manner would run counter to our values as a university community,” the letter stated.

The bell was sent into storage on February 27, 2020 as the school continues investigating its origins. According to the letter, officials are still mulling over what they will do with the bell next.

The monument’s removal is just one of many political correctness battles taking place across the nation. It’s part of a broader scheme hatched by the cultural Left to destroy artifacts of American history.

These moves aren’t just symbolic, but rather springboards for even bigger power grabs such as destroying the right to bear arms and free speech.

By tying all of these concepts to America’s “racist” past, leftists can justify any form of historical iconoclasm or political thought control against the Historic American Nation and its cherished practices.

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