Canada Sliding Towards Socialist Hell with “Universal Basic Income” Bill

As if socialized healthcare, “baby bonuses”, universal childcare, generous unemployment programs, and government pension plans aren’t enough to break taxpayers. Now Canadian Leftists are pushing a radical Universal Basic Income (UBI) bill through the Senate to officially make Canada the leading Brave New World State.

Recently pushed by progressivist Andrew Yang in the 2020 Democrat Primary race as a “Freedom Dividend”, UBI is a “sociopolitical financial transfer policy proposal in which all citizens of a given population regularly receive a legally stipulated and equal financial grant paid by the government without a means testing.”

If implemented it would mean the total cradle to grave management of the Canadian citizenry. Additionally it moves us a step closer towards the complete nullification of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and free market economics. Perhaps irreversibly. 

The Bill in question, named “S-233: An Act to Develop a National Framework for a Guaranteed Livable Income”, is being put forth by philosopher queen and avowed social-justice ideologue Senator Kim Pate. A woman who has spent an inordinate amount of time collecting Woke awards from the government while “building coalitions across the [Canada] with equality-seeking women’s, anti-racism, anti-poverty, and human rights groups and organizations.”  She’s additionally taking her cues from “feminist legal scholars, lawyers, professionals and front-line advocates and activists.

The Bill Itself

S-233 assumes, in its very first line, that all Canadians “should have access to a livable basic income.” Should. But why? No context, evidence, or reference is given so just shut up and accept it because your betters have declared it so. 

It continues by insisting that a “[universal] basic income would benefit individuals, families and communities and protect those who are made most vulnerable in society, while facilitating the transition to an economy that responds to the climate crisis and other current major challenges.” How this helps the alleged “climate crisis” is unexplained. And their “major challenges” almost certainly include inflation, rampant Covid spending, and citizen revolt against pandemic hypochondria. All of which they created.

But instead of tackling the problems head on by reducing spending, cutting government programs, increasing interest rates, and promoting investments and savings, they are insisting on the exact opposite. Keep everything the same and then give every citizen enough free money to be obedient consumers and keep them just above the poverty line.

And this is an area of particular interest because the cost of living is radically different throughout Canada. Much like New York City is more expensive to live in than Jackson, Mississippi, so is Toronto more expensive than Red Deer, Alberta. So the authoritarian central planners will have to decide and dole out money according to the Marxist principle of “each according to his need” and geographic reality. An infinite well of government bureaucracy is easily imagined when considering how they will “sort this out.”

In practice this means that any Canadian over the age of 18 will receive anywhere between $18,000 and $50,000 of no strings attached government cheques for simply being a living human. I mean why try and push sound currency, government restraint, and individual financial responsibility when you can double down on Modern Monetary Theory and make the idea of property irrelevant?

Manipulating the Covid “Crisis”

And of course the usual suspects are firmly advocating the adoption of these neo-communist policies. The World Economic Forum has been saying, since the pandemic started, that UBI is our solution to the inequality Covid-19 ‘created’. They immediately dismiss clear thinking critics as “naysayers” who say their socialist UBI schemes “won’t work because no country can afford to regularly dole out money to every citizen. They will argue that we will run unsustainable deficits, which cannot be financed.” 

It’s agreed that this is a “valid concern”, but they insist that ignoring COVID-19 damages “will result in a greater surge in inequality, increasing social tensions that would cost governments even more and open countries to heightened risk of societal conflict.” Not because of what they’ve inflicted on us (lockdowns, coercive vaccination programs, mandated firings, destruction of small business, and the inflation of the dollar through pandemic spending), no rather it’s because you will not embrace total government control over your income, citizenship, and self-determination. 

Trudeau and his ilk are steadfastly destroying the economy through rampant spending, inflation, cost of living increases, housing unaffordability, globalized production schemes, and endless dollar printing. Covid was already the biggest wealth transfer in human history, and now the Canadian government wants to permanently relegate you to peasant status by keeping you demoralized from self-betterment and addicted to their free cash.

A Bleak Future

Canada’s slide into abject authoritarian rule is nearly complete. Trudeau has already spent us into an economic coma, destroyed our oil sector, devalued the dollar, and fostered the biggest real estate bubble in the world. 

Those factors combined with UBI, a potential digital dollar, and MMT essentially means the end of individual responsibility and the cementing of your finances, work, and life to the State. And you have no easy means of escape.

Bitcoin is the only remaining way to fight back against this absurdity since politics are essentially dead. After UBI is installed, craven and shameless politicians will debase themselves to offer increasing amounts of money to attract votes. Why would Trudeau’s $30,000 a year suffice when socialist radical Jagmeet Singh of the NDP will promise $60,000? So getting value and control out of their hands is now the top priority. 

The absurdity will not relent until you “own nothing” and are happy about it. 

Much like Winston Smith, the nightmare will not end until you accept that 2+2=5 and that you realize you actually “love Big Brother” after all.

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