Canada Throws Out ‘Wax My Balls’ Case, Makes Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv Pay Legal Costs for Filing ‘Improper’ Complaint

The Human Rights Tribunal of British Columbia has thrown out the complaints that were filed by trans activist Jessica Yaniv, who demanded to have “her” testacles waxed and cried about discrimination after businesses refused the bizarre and disgusting request.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), who represented five of the individuals listed in Yaniv’s complaint, issued an announcement today that the tribunal declared that home estheticians were not required to handle male genitalia against their will.

The ruling stated that “human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax.” The tribunal also ruled that Yaniv “engaged in improper conduct,” “filed complaints for improper purposes,” and gave testimony that was “disingenuous and self-serving.”

The complaints stem from instances in June 2018 when Yaniv approached at least five home estheticians, requesting waxing services meant do be performed on a woman. After the estheticians realized that Yaniv was in fact a biological man, they refused to wax his testicles and groin area for varying reasons. This prompted Yaniv to file the complaint, which has since received national attention for its sheer absurdity.

“Self-identification does not erase physiological reality,” said Jay Cameron, the Justice Centre’s Litigation Manager, and counsel for the estheticians. “Our clients do not offer the service requested. No woman should be compelled to touch male genitals against her will, irrespective of how the owner of the genitals identifies.”

In addition, Yaniv is being forced to pay $2,000 each to three female estheticians by the tribunal, in a rare instance of sanity coming from the left-wing Canadian government.

In addition to this case, Yaniv has also had his home raided in recent months and attempted to plan an event featuring a topless swimming session with underage “LGBTQ2S+” children:

Yaniv filled out a form for the Township of Langley (TOL) in which she requested “permission for LGBTQ2S+ organizations to be allowed to host an ‘all-bodies swim’ at TOL civic pools.” The event, proposed for today in the filing, would be limited “for people aged 12+ where these events will be restricted to LGBTQ2S and individuals will be permitted to be topless.”

Additionally, Yaniv notes that children would be left alone at the mercy of potential predators at the event. Yaniv says that “parents and caretakers will be prohibited from attending these events as it’s considered safe and inclusive.”

It has also been alleged that Yaniv asks bizarre and perverted questions regarding 10-year-old children and tampons on web forums while targeting children on social media with lewd messages:

Yaniv’s requests were rebuked by the Canadian government, but this monster still remains at large promoting his perverse agenda.

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