Canada’s Senate Prayer To Stop Trudeau Tyranny


The last political chance at stopping Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical imposition of the “Emergencies Act” could happen today as the Senate continues to debate its legitimacy. If the federal government wishes to retain emergency powers for another month, it must have the support of the Senate.

Out of the 105 seats in the Canadian “Red Chamber”, 91 are currently filled and 14 are vacant. This means that a bare majority of 46 Senators would have to vote against the Liberal government’s legislation in order to lift the arbitrary government powers being exercised.

Those currently seated as Senators self-identify as caucassing with 5 different groups: The Independents (42), the Conservatives (16), Progressives (14), the Canadian Senators Group (13), and the Non-affiliated (6). 

Important to remember is that the largest Senate faction, the “Independents”, are not as freethinking as one would expect. This was a deliberate deception on Trudeau’s part as he claimed he wanted to “end partisanship in the Senate” shortly after winning election in 2015. 

Yet he continued to appoint Liberal apparatchiks under his government and insisted they call themselves “independent” to create the illusion of an unbiased and sober body of second judgment.

In Canada, Senators are installed by the current regime, can hold the job for life, and are not democratically accountable to anyone (except the party they were anointed by). And despite this paramount role as the near last chance to check government powers, this rarely materializes and renders them a rubber stamp for the government of the day.

An Unjustified Response

The crux of the issue hinges on whether the Trudeau Liberals have reasonable justification for exercising their arbitrary emergency powers. Under the current Emergencies Act, the feds have practical cause to adopt these measures if there exists “a situation that cannot be effectively dealt with by the provinces and territories, or by any other law of Canada”.

With this understanding (as ambiguous as that is), there are four types of emergencies that can be declared under the Emergencies Act:

  1. A public welfare emergency
  2. A public order emergency
  3. An international emergency
  4. A war emergency

There is no war being fought, no public welfare emergency to be alleviated (though First Nations peoples may disagree considering their drinking water situation), and the international Covid situation is dissipating rapidly as more countries lift their biomedical security measures. This leaves us with the de-facto assertion of a “public order crisis”. 

On this file, the government has still not specifically said what the crisis is or why they need extended powers to rectify the alleged situation. 

As constitutional expert, and Professor, Ryan Alford has recently stated: “What the government has done is falsely assert that conditions exist that allow it to declare a state of emergency. And in making that false declaration, it has assumed powers to itself that it doesn’t have under the Constitution of Canada. And it has used that power to promulgate regulations that, because there’s no jurisdictional basis, are of no force in effect. And has used those regulations to infringe the Charter rights of Canadians. It’s essentially a layer cake of constitutional violations.”

Batters Leading the Opposition Charge

On the Senate front, the leading Conservative voice in the chamber, Denise Batters, delivered a blistering speech during House deliberations Tuesday night and highlighted the problematic powers the government has unilaterally declared. 

Sen. Batters remarked that “What a sad day it is honorable Senators that it’s come to this. That the Trudeau government has invoked and employed the Emergencies Act on Canadian citizens before it could even be voted on in Parliament. Tear gas, batons, and lines of police to shove back protestors chanting for Freedom. Truck windows smashed, bank accounts frozen, and promises to hunt those who chose to leave the protest voluntarily. And even now with bridge protests and blockades cleared, [Trudeau] can’t tell us when the emergency measures will be lifted. Only that his government plans on making some of those features of their extensive powers permanent.” 

Although Batters is leading a strong coalition that includes elements of the the non-aligned, and the Canadian Senators Group (CSG), it’s likely that the Liberal Trudeau regime has the votes to coerce it’s will upon Canada. 

Since the Liberals have both the “Independent” and “Progressive” caucasus in their pocket, Trudeau will likely enjoy his role as petty tyrant for the foreseeable future.

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