Canadian Government Passes Online Censorship Bill

In early February, the Canadian Senate passed Bill C-11 (Online Streaming Act). This legislative act is described by critics as “the internet censorship bill,” in addition to several amendments.

The bill was passed on its third reading by a margin of 43 votes for and 15 against it. 

The regime of Justin Trudea proposed the legislation as a way to amend the Broadcasting Act by changing Canada’s broadcasting policy, and grant the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) new powers as a regulator.

Opponents of this legislation, which includes Conservative politicians and watchdog organizations, view this as a way to augment the government’s power to censor online speech it does not approve of.

Didi Rankovic of Reclaim the Net noted that the original version of the Online Streaming Act, at the time known as Bill C-10, was passed in the House of Commons in June 2021 but failed to pass the Senate. 

However, the bill made a comeback in February 2022 as Bill C-11. It was first passed in the House last June and was finally passed by the Senate in February. 

It made a comeback as Bill C-11 in February 2022, got cleared by the House in June, and finally last week made it through the Senate.

Opponents of this legislation believe that the CRTC will acquire broad new powers without the  government or parliament providing proper oversight.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms founder and president John Carpay says that the bill’s goal is not the issue at hand, due to how the bill is supposed to grant the CRTC authority over companies such as Netflix, Disney, and other media titans.

Carpay noted that the authority will not stop there. 

“Rather, the OSA (Online Streaming Act) will empower the CRTC to assume jurisdiction via regulation over any ‘program’ (audio or audiovisual online content) that is ‘monetizable’ because it ‘directly or indirectly generates revenues’,” Carpay continued.

Per Carpay, private citizens will eventually be affected by this regulation.

“In the long run, the CRTC could end up regulating much of the content posted on major social media, even where the content is generated or uploaded by religious, political, and charitable nonprofits,” Carpay remarked.

Freedoms are not safe in the Great White North. The regime of Justin Trudeau has made it a point to strip Canadians of their traditional freedoms. In addition to undermining traditional freedoms, the Trudeau regime is waging demographic warfare against the Historic Canadian Nation by importing hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Global South. 

The woke tyranny up north is something that Americans should worry more about than geopolitical developments taking place in Eurasia. If Canada completely falls to tyranny, the US will definitely be next in the globalists’ crosshairs. 

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