Canadian Liberal Minister “Can’t See Why” Her Country Wouldn’t Help Americans Get Abortions

Following the US Supreme Court draft decision, Liberal minister Karina Gould says she “can’t see why” Canada wouldn’t help Americans get abortions if abortion were to become “illegal” in the United States.

“I can’t see why we wouldn’t want to help women in need, regardless of where they’re from,” Gould told reporters on Tuesday. “If this law were to pass, it would have a devastating impact on women’s health and their ability to make decisions about their own bodies.”

Gould went on to state that:

“One of the concerning factors is that there are many Canadian women who maybe don’t live near a major city in Canada. They will often access these services in the United States… I’m very concerned about the leak [on Monday]… particularly for American women, but also for Canadian women,” she said.

“Just on that last point,” she continued, “… Canada has been a leader in championing and providing sexual health and reproductive services internationally.”

The comments came during an interview about the Trudeau Liberal Party’s promises to ensure $45 million for access to abortion clinics for rural Canadians.

Gould wasn’t the only Canadian politician that commented on the draft decision, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated on Twitter:

“The right to choose is a woman’s right and a woman’s right alone. Every woman in Canada has a right to a safe and legal abortion. We’ll never back down from protecting and promoting women’s rights in Canada and around the world.”

The Liberal ruling party of Canada has staunchly condemned the draft decision, while a leaked email from interim Conservative Leader Candice Bergen’s office shows that “Conservatives will not be commenting.”

Later, Bergen commenting on the leak stated: “When it comes to the debate in Canada, Conservatives’ position remains what it has been since the Harper government.”

“Access to abortion was not restricted under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the Conservative Party will not introduce legislation or reopen the abortion debate,” Bergen said.

But no matter the gag order, Ontario Conservative MP Karen Vecchio stated “I have always been the person that says it’s a woman’s right. That’s who I am,”.

On the flip side of this argument, Alberta MP Arnold Viersen said he believes “human rights begin when the human begins.”

“I should know I have five children, human beings begin at conception,” he told reporters, adding that from his perspective “the debate has never been closed.”

Above all else, it is clear that the Canadian Conservative Party remains divided on the topic.

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