Canadian Liberals Push for Eight-Year-Olds to Vote as Apart of Climate Change Campaign

Liberal environmentalists in Canada have launched a campaign to change the voting age to eight, in an effort to fight the ravages of climate change to protect the children.

The campaign, 18 to 8, uses children as props as they hold professionally-made signs in their promotional video featuring slogans like “Fossil Fuels Are For Dinosaurs,” “Don’t Make Us Turn This Planet Around,” and “Respect Your Youngers.”

“We are a group of Canadian kids who want to tackle climate change in the voting booth. We are the future of this planet and we’re not going to just sit back and watch as it gets destroyed,” the official website reads.

It continues: “While grown-ups are worried about grown-up things like gas prices and political popularity contests, we’re passionate about protecting the natural world – our home – and we’re willing to prioritize a livable climate over all other issues. In the federal election this October 21st, for the love of the planet, let us vote.”

The campaign is advertised in tongue-in-cheek fashion, as organizers claim they use the shocking idea of eight-year-old voting as a way to draw attention to pressing environmental issues.

“Okay, we’re not actually lobbying to give eight-year-olds the vote, but there are some things you can do right now to help us. If you’re not a kid, vote like one,” the website explains.

While they may make a joke out of the concepts, there have been serious proposals to lower the voting age significantly in recent years, as the Left becomes increasingly desperate to maintain their grasp on power.

“Voting when you’re 16 is voting at a time when most Canadians at that age are still in school, at a place that we can actually get to them and engage them,” said Stéphane Perrault, acting chief electoral officer, in 2018.

“We know that Canadians who vote early in their lifetime will continue to vote, and those who don’t vote in the first few elections will tend not to vote later on. So there’s a real benefit to making sure that Canadians vote early, and voting when you’re 16, there’s an opportunity to reach out to them,” he added.

18 to 8 is a project of the David Suzuki Foundation, a Canadian-based nonprofit that calls for Draconian carbon taxes, sustainable development, and other socialist policies under the guise of environmentalism.

The foundation is named after the man who is arguably Canada’s most heralded environmentalist. An old clip from 1972 sheds light into Suzuki’s madness, in which he compared human beings to maggots.

“Most people in the world are content to stay as first or second level maggots, and they establish their own little area and they crawl around there, and that’s fine,” Suzuki explained.

“The guys that become tenth-level maggots are really big wheels,” he added.

These are the types of people who are indoctrinating the youth, not just in Canada but all throughout the West, to accept the dogma of climate change as the impetus to make globalist socialism an inescapable reality.

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