Canadian Man FINED $55k for ‘Misgendering’ Transgender Female

A Canadian man was fined $55,000 for “misgendering” a transgender female, who is biologically male.

“Last week the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal fined Christian activist Bill Whatcott $55,000 for the crime of ‘mis-gendering'” one report said. “They ordered him to ‘refrain from committing the same or a similar contravention.'”

Whatcott is described as a “Christian activist,” whose crime was alerting voting Canadians that one candidate was a transgender female.

“During the British Columbia elections in the spring of 2017Christian activist Bill Whatcott passed out hundreds of flyers notifying people that one of the local candidates for Parliament, Morgane Oger — who claimed to be a woman and dressed as a woman — was actually a man named Ronan Oger,” the report said.

According to the report, Oger had lived as a straight male – and was married with children – until two years before the election.

The tribunal judge, Devyn Cousineau, willingly admitted that Whatcott’s religious freedom was being infringed upon in the written decision against Whatcott.

“There is no dispute that a decision against Mr. Whatcott would limit his Charter right to freedom of religion… While Mr. Whatcott would remain free to hold his beliefs about transgender people, he would be limited in the manner in which he could spread those views to the general public… There is similarly no dispute that a decision against Mr. Whatcott would limit his freedom to publicly express his views about transgender people generally,” the judge said.

According to the report, Cousineau has donated to Canada’s National Democratic Party, and is a known pro-LGBT activist.

Whatcott refused to fold under the weight of the tribunal, and continued to refer to Oger by his biologically correct pronouns during his trial. He also wore a shirt with a bible passage – Genesis 5:2.

“Male and female He created them,” the passage reads.

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