Canadian School Prepares Reopening with Insanely Strict Social Distancing Rules on Cringey Video

Schoolchildren in Quebec are now re-entering school after Wuhan virus lock downs cancelled classes across Canada during the last few months.

The Canadian Press noted, however, that the students “will be subject to physical distancing, frequent handwashing and carefully co-ordinated school days spent in large part at their desks while school officials keep up with cleaning, disinfection and following public health guidelines.”

One western Quebec principal expressed her confidence in the children’s ability to adapt these new policies.

“We’re welcoming them back to a new normal, but we are welcoming them back as just our students,” declared Samantha Halpin, the principal at Eardley Elementary in Gatineau, Quebec.

“Our personalities haven’t gone out the window. We’re still going to be welcoming them with a big smile, making sure they feel safe, they feel comfortable.”

Some schools such as Halpin’s, have created videos to prepare parents and children for the post-Wuhan virus reality of  “teachers donning goggles, masks and gloves; taped arrows on the floor to remind students of the two-metre distancing rule; playground equipment closed off with caution tape.”

Certain areas such as libraries, gyms, and cafeterias will be closed, while pickup and dropoffs will be subject to close monitoring

“It’s taken a lot of thought and a lot of process in terms of trying to think of absolutely every single base that we need to cover to ensure we’re welcoming our kids back with open arms while following the public health guidelines,” Halpin stated.

The video that Eardley Elementary promoted has caused a bit of an uproar Twitter.

Certain education reformers such as Corey DeAngelis, the Director of School Choice at the Reason Foundation, have posted clips from these controversial videos.

Many Americans are beginning to experiment with homeschooling, one of America’s oldest forms of alternative schooling, now that many families are under de facto house arrest in cities across the nation.

What this Quebec school offers is a sign of what our post-Wuhan virus world will likely look like.

For some parents, this may be a bridge too far and could be a major reason why they opt for different schooling methods.

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