Candace Owens DESTROYS Neocon Scold Ben Shapiro

Black conservative commentator Candace Owens stood up to the bullying tactics of the Republican Establishment Wednesday, shooting down the establishment’s prized pawn Ben Shapiro.

Candace Owens is making it clear that privileged white man Shapiro does NOT get to tell her how to think or who to speak to. Shapiro tried to shame Kanye West into not appearing on Alex Jones’ program Infowars. Candace was not having it.

At long last, somebody in the Conservative Culture movement is telling neocon Shapiro to buzz off. Bombs away! (Alex Jones also mocked Shapiro Wednesday in pretty hilarious fashion).

Here is Alex Jones’ great segment further knocking down the establishment enforcer.

Shapiro, a NeverTrump neocon, recently called sites including Big League Politics “the Weekly World News.” This, despite the fact that we break news while Shapiro does not do original reporting. His tenure at Breitbart News was notable for his debunked “Friends of Hamas” story and for his promotion of hoax artist Michelle Fields’ lies about Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski allegedly attacking her. Shapiro resigned from Breitbart, and manager Alex Marlow told me at the time that he believed Shapiro had been “paid” by a pro-Ted Cruz cause to promote Fields’ hoax.

Shapiro is proof that the Republican Establishment can throw enough money behind someone that he can become a celebrity among college conservatives despite being the kind of nerd who “ruins everything.”

That’s how neoconservatives infilitrate the liberty movement to water it down from within and turn it toward the Establishment. Shapiro’s protégé Kassy Dillon of the Lone Conservative is also tasked with making the young conservative movement obviously pro-Nikki Haley.

Milo used to epically troll Ben Shapiro, satirizing Shapiro’s tagline “Facts don’t care about your feelings” with his own version: “Fags don’t care about your feelings.” Milo also hired two midgets for one of his parties to walk around wearing Ben Shapiro nametags.

For America First believers, Shapiro’s fall from grace cannot come fast enough.

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