Carlson and Murray Breakdown Why Nobody is Being Held Accountable for the Botched Afghan Drone Strike That Killed 10 Civilians 

In the wake of the U.S. military’s admission that it did in fact carry out a drone strike last month in Kabul which resulted in the tragic deaths of 10 Afghan civilians, 7 of them children, many are wondering why no one has been held accountable for the deadly misstep.

Yesterday, during his nightly television segment, Tucker Carlson excoriated Pentagon leaders for repeatedly failing to collect sound intelligence in matters which affect our country’s national security and standing in the world, but for also failing to discipline incompetent generals like Mark Milley and Kenneth McKenzie, who together have overseen more botched operations than successful ones.

Responding to a statement made by Milley earlier this month where he claimed that the U.S. military – in its bungled drone strike – had acted on “very good intelligence”, Carlson said: “Likely the same kind of intelligence that led us to believe that German-educated Saudi’s would never fly airplanes into the World Trade Centers, or the Pentagon, or a field in Pennsylvania… The intelligence that told us that it was fine to give up Bagram Air Base because Kabul was ‘safe’. The government would stand – that intelligence.”

Carlson then slammed the Pentagon for failing to fire Milley over the drone strike, saying: “If [they were] to fire Mark Milley for killing a bunch of kids unintentionally and then lying about it maybe the accountability chain will start. Maybe they’ll want to fire whoever hundreds of American citizens behind in Afghanistan and lied about that.”

“So you can’t just start firing people just because they’re terrible at their jobs, obviously. So you can’t fire anyone. That’s the rule.”

Later in the show, British author Douglas Murray made an appearance to discuss just the reasons why not one person has been held accountable for the deadly blunders that have taken place in Afghanistan in the past month.

“I think all of this is a reminder of why the politicization of the American military and politicization of the American intelligence community has been so devasting for this country,” Murray began.

“Speaking for myself, if this had happened 15-20 years ago, I might have thought well people get things wrong. It’s a tragedy, but they get things wrong. Now, we’re not in that position, because the politicization – the self-politicization – of the American military and the American intelligence agencies means they’re completely transparent to you, me, and all the American public.”

“Their reputation for competency is shot, their reputation for trustworthiness is shot, their reputation of just being believable is completely shot,” he continued, noting that in the years leading up to the Biden regime’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, that Milley had repeatedly made claims about the Afghan army’s readiness that were completely wrong.

“He said in July that the Afghan army could stand on their own – totally wrong. We discovered just a few days ago that he was conspiring with his Chinese counterpart. He behaved as if America was a military junta where generals can just speak to other countries and say you don’t need to listen to the president.”

The best-selling author ended the segment by saying that the rot within America’s military and intelligence apparatuses needs to be rectified immediately.

“It has to be rectified. It can’t be covered over any longer… America has to demand better from this. All of the agencies – the CIA, NSA, the military – all of the agencies that had pristine reputations for years as competent. If they can’t do basic things, if they can’t hold an airport in Kabul, if they can’t carry out a military strike effectively, if they can’t stop insulting half of the American public, then they aren’t fit for purpose, and they need to be replaced.”

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