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Carole Baskin of ‘Tiger King’ Donated $1000 to North Carolina’s Richard Burr

Suspect campaign contribution?



FEC reports reveal that Carole Baskin, a controversial wildlife conservationist depicted in the documentary series ‘Tiger King,’ made a $1000 donation to North Carolina Senator Richard Burr in February.

Burr has recently endured controversy of his own, being the subject of a purported insider trading scandal. The North Carolina Republican also recently sold a townhouse to a group owned by a donor and lobbyist affiliated with Burr.

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Baskin has become a nationally controversial figure as a result of her appearance in the documentary series. The Florida Big Cat Rescue owner was allegedly the target of a murder-for-hire plot on the part of Joe Exotic, an Oklahoma zoo operator she had engaged in a lengthy legal battle with. Exotic was convicted of soliciting a zoo handyman to attempt to kill her and is currently serving a 22-year sentence in federal prison.

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Some of her ex-husband’s friends and family members suspect that Baskin played a role in the unexplained disappearance of Don Lewis, who went missing before a supposed trip to Costa Rica.

Baskin speaks at length about her lobbying efforts in support of the Big Cat Public Safety Act, which would federally ban the breeding and private ownership of animals such as tigers and lions. It’s possible that her campaign contributions to Burr stem from her efforts to advance the legislation.

Another animal industry figure depicted at length in Tiger King, Doc Antle, is also a campaign donor to Burr. Antle owns a private zoo in South Carolina and it’s likely his donations to Burr are intended to lobby against the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

In any case, Senator Burr probably won’t be thrilled to find out a four-figure campaign contributor of his is one of the most controversial people in the country right now, as he weathers the storm of his own alleged insider trading and corruption scandals.



Tommy Tuberville is Refusing to Debate Jeff Sessions in Alabama Senate Runoff

Tuberville has serious questions to answer on his immigration policy views.



As the Republican primary runoff for nomination for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, football coach Tommy Tuberville is doubling down on a strategy of refusing to debate former Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, leaving serious questions about his immigration policy positions unanswered.

Tuberville hopes to cruise to an easy victory on the basis of support from Donald Trump, who remains incensed at Sessions over a feud related to his former Attorney General’s recusal from Robert Mueller’s witch hunt Russia investigation. But Sessions has emphasized that the feud- now in the past- can’t be all that comes under consideration for Alabama’s Republican voters.

Tuberville steadfastly refuses to clarify some of his troubling statements related to immigration policy, including stating that the United States needs 400,000 Indian visa workers to provide labor for America’s corporations. Tuberville continues to rebuff attempts from Sessions to organize a debate to discuss actual policy before the July 14th runoff election, which will determine who will go on to face Democrat Doug Jones in November.

Sessions reiterated that Tuberville refuses to participate in a debate in a tweet responding to President Trump’s latest criticism of him, pointing out that Tuberville’s GOPe sympathies render him a suspect so-called supporter of the President’s ‘MAGA’ agenda.

In yet another demonstration of stark anachronism with Republican voters of today, Tuberville has even said that “we can’t worry about China” in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

In stark contrast with Tuberville, Jeff Sessions has what is almost certainly the strongest conservative track record on immigration policy of any former Senator or congressman. He’s almost single-handedly derailed several amnesty attempts, and most recently led the charge in calling for a federal immigration moratorium in response to the coronavirus recession that President Trump has partially implemented.

What does Tuberville, a political novice who frames himself as a great ally of President Trump, have to fear from a debate?

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