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GUN GRAB: Chicago Suburb Bans “Assault Weapons,” Standard Capacity Magazines

When the left says they aren't coming for your guns, don't believe them.

Twitter Founder Promotes Activist Gun Control Proposal

He is supporting the "March for Our Lives."

Sheriff Candidate: I’ll Pry The Guns From Your Cold Dead Hands

Yes, they really do want to take your guns.

D.C. Police Disarm Lawful Citizens at March Against Guns

Because of course they would.

David Hogg Forgot His White Privilege When He Whined About Clear Backpacks

Cool it with the "white privilege" David Hogg.

Anti-Gun Parkland Activist: If You’re Against Us, ‘GET OUT’ Of Our New World

He's going to try to kick pro-gun Americans out of the country.

Republicans Allow Government-Funded Anti-Gun Propaganda In Omnibus

This research will allow the government, especially during an anti-gun administration to create anti-gun propaganda. 

CNN Cancels Interview With Pro-Gun Student For ‘Fake News’ Re-Tweet

After being pressured over biased coverage, CNN chose to have Kashuv on for an interview. But despite agreeing to interview him, CNN chose to cancel the interview, citing a Tweet that Kashuv shared that referred to CNN anchor Blood Baldwin as a 'Fake News Hypocrite."

Anti-Gun Students Refuse to Mention Shooting Stopped by Armed Guard

Following reports of a shooting in Maryland, student "organizers" of the March for Our Lives planned for this Saturday began tweeting their outrage. That outrage quickly turned to silence when reports came out that a school resource officer shot and killed the shooter before he could do more than injure two students.

The NRA Caves to Bloomberg, Scraps Due Process

In a move that shocked many gun rights supporters, the National Rifle Association came out vocally in support of Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs), calling them "Risk Protection Orders." 

President Trump Backs Off One Gun Control Proposal, Endorses Another

The White House just announced a series of recommendations on measures to stop school shootings. Noticeably absent was a proposal to raise the minimum age to purchase a rifle to 21, that President Trump had signaled support for in the past.  

Baltimore Cops Carried BB Guns to Plant on Unarmed Suspects

Maurice Ward, who served in Baltimore's Gun Trace Task Force, alleged that members of the force kept replica guns in their cars in case they “accidentally hit somebody.” 

DeSantis Criticizes Gun Control For Law-Abiding Florida Citizens

Congressman Ron DeSantis, who is running in the Republican primary for Governor against Marco Rubio-allied House Speaker Richard Corcoran, criticized the state legislature's gun...

Bloomberg Pushes Govt. Plan To Grab Every Gun In America

By portraying information in a misleading light the media and political advocacy groups have been able to shape public opinion for decades. This is...

Parkland Survivor Calls for Pro-Gun March Next To Anti-Gun March

In response to this march, pro-gun Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv is calling for a separate march to take place at the same time. He is proposing it be called the "March for Our Rights," and has already begun asking celebrities and political figures to attend.

Parkland Students Call For A Complete Semi-Automatic Gun Ban

While they have claimed that they support the Second Amendment, and only want to ban "assault rifles," a Tweet from march organizer Jaclyn Corin either disproves that claim, or proves their ignorance when it comes to firearms.

New Evidence Links Billionaire Michael Bloomberg To March For Our Lives

The event, which has received nearly $3 million in funding on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe, has also received massive support from the gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety, which is largely funded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

EXCLUSIVE: Doug Jones Supports Stripping Guns From Veterans

Big League Politics confronted Alabama's Interim Senator Doug Jones asking about his support for the Fix NICS gun control proposal.

IT’S HAPPENING: Dem Mayor Gets Gun Group To Cancel Florida Gun Show

An anticipated gun show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this month has been cancelled amid pressure from a Democratic mayor. Florida Gun Shows, the state's largest...

Firearms Retailers See Flurry Of Gun Sales

Gun sales are picking up in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida last week. After hitting what retailers...

SNOWFLAKES: Walmart Bans Toy Guns After Florida Shooting

In a statement on Walmart's website, they followed the lead of other major retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods in caving in to the anti-gun...

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