Catholic Archdiocese Invites Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexuality Comedian to Faith Formation Event

The Archdiocese of Omaha has invited a strong supporter of abortion and homosexuality to speak at a Catholic Church event in June, and many Catholics are not happy.

“Jesuit-educated comedian Jim Gaffigan leverages being Catholic in his comedy routines, leading some to hold him up as a model of faithful Catholicism. His having performed for Pope Francis at the 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia is used to plug him as Catholic as well…And while Gaffigan is largely regarded as a clean comic, Catholics are taking issue with the archdiocese booking for its June 8th ArchOmaha Unite event a celebrity who publicly identifies as Catholic while also diverging from Catholic teaching on homosexuality,” according to Life Site News.

So, why is the Catholic Church hosting someone (for the second time) who promotes the complete opposite of what it’s supposed to stand for?

The comedian not only supported the Women’s March, which avidly promotes abortion on demand with no limits, but he also indoctrinates his five young children that homosexuality is something to be praises. Two concepts that are far from okay with the Catholic Church – supposedly.

Taking a step away from the fact that these kids are learning about confused sexualities at a super young age, can we talk about the fact that mom Jeannie Gaffigan posted a scandalous photo on Instagram of her like 7-year-old daughter supporting the Pride Event?

As funny as he is, this is the guy the Church chooses to perform at ArchOmaha Unite? He agrees with everything the Church disagrees with. Just because he claims to be Catholic doesn’t give the Church a pass not to do their homework.