Catholic Priests and Pro-Life Activists Arrested for Protesting New Jersey Abortion Mill

Pro-life outreach conducted by two New Jersey Catholic priests and their parishioners turned ugly on Saturday, when police were called to remove them from a Morristown abortion mill.

Fathers Fidelis Moscinksi and Dave Nix entered Garden State Gynecology intending to hand out red roses and peacefully encourage women at the abortion facility to choose life instead of abortion. The clergy were working with two longtime pro-life activists, one of whom was named as Will Goodman.

The activists have carried out what they refer to as “Red Rose Rescues” before, in which they offer a peaceful alternative to abortion to those who are considering it. Father Moscinksi devoted Saturday’s ‘Rescue’ to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The rescue was by all accounts a success, with the Red Rescuers helping a woman to change her mind about an abortion that her mother was compelling her to undergo. The activists were in the process of assisting the woman in obtaining legal aid when law enforcement(presumably Morristown Police) arrived on scene, ultimately arresting the Red Rescuers and dragging them out of the building.

The officers were caught on camera dragging the priests and their associates out of the building.

Father Moscinksi spoke to LifeSiteNews of a potential outstanding warrant for his arrest, dating back to a September rescue for which he refused to pay a $364 fine for “defiant trespass” at an area abortion mill.

Lining up to be arrested and manhandled by police isn’t pleasant business, but potentially preventing an abortion and saving a life is no small consolation to four New Jersey pro-life activists. It’s likely that further police sanction won’t prevent the crusaders for life from courageously offering an alternative to abortion to some of the area’s most vulnerable women.

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