TECH CENSORSHIP: WordPress Bans Geophysicist Who Accurately Predicts Massive Seismic Events

The website of a scientist has been removed from the internet after pushback against him from the leftist academics that dominate the scientific community.

Dutchsinse, a geophysicist who does meteorology reporting, had some choice words for those who shut him down.

“Liberals (democrats in the USA) are book burning freaks. Just sayin’. And while you’re at it, STHU with your bullshit responses about Trump too.. I’m not a republican you effing morons. You really overstepped your censorship boundaries today assholes,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Oddly enough, Dutchsinse was de-platformed just before a major earthquake rocked the Pacific near Indonesia and Fiji. In June, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’ leftist blog, The Washington Post, called the scientist’s reports of an active volcano eruption in Guatemala “fake news,” just before the volcano erupted, killing 62.

Big League Politics reported:

A weatherman who predicted the volcanic eruption in Guatemala that has killed 25 and injured hundreds was maligned as “fake news” by Jeff Bezos’ blog, The Washington Post, just before the tragedy.

“We issued a direct warning for Guatemala and Fuego for the past 2 days…. when the M4.0 struck along the flanks of Fuego after weeks of silence,” said a scientist who goes by Dutchsinse. “Here is the warning we issued yesterday, (the day before the blast).”

But Jeff Bezos’ blog discredited the Dutchsinse just last week:

“Some of you may know I was added to the “fake news” list released by the Washington Post newspaper, and which was promoted around the world as fact,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

The only reasonable explanation for Dutchsinse’s eradication from the scientific community is that he does not fall in line and subscribe to leftist ideology. It does not matter to the political left that Dutchsinse only reports on the weather. What matters to them is that his politics do not align with theirs.

Thus, he must be shut down.

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