Cernovich’s Hoaxed Is a Must-See for Democrats and Republicans

I was invited to the Los Angeles screening of Mike Cernovich’s Hoaxed last month, and believe that every single American would be better off if they went and saw this documentary when it comes out.

It’s not often that someone like Mike Cernovich comes out swinging to reclaim the loaded narrative of ‘fake news.’ Hoaxed tackles Cernovich’s own allegations of fake news head on, and makes a strong case that all news media is made of narratives that serve a purpose other than your own information. If you don’t come away with the understanding that all media has an agenda, you missed the very clear and concise point of the movie.

It’s evident that the movie was produced by filmmakers who lean conservative, due to the larger rotation of “fake news” topics discussed involving political right-wingers. It would be incorrect to say that this movie is intended for a conservative audience, however.

Those on the left will find plenty of things to beef with their own side too, from left-wing coverage of Black Lives Matter, to police violence and more. The filmmakers also do not hold back in equal criticism of conservative outlets, which I found refreshing. No movie on fake news can ignore the media narratives perpetuated by outlets on both sides.

I won’t delve into specifics on the content of the documentary out of respect for Mike, as it has not been publicly release yet. What I will say is that I own a media relations firm and have talked politics on TV hundreds of times, and even I came away with an understanding I never had before.

I knew far from the whole picture before I watched Hoaxed. It really opened my eyes and showed me that we are receiving a tiny sliver of information from the news media, which does not show the world as it actually is. Both the Left and the Right have their own narratives.

It is up to you to determine the truth. You can’t trust the people on TV to tell you the truth.

Hell, really shouldn’t even trust me when you think about it.

Go watch the movie for yourself and see if I told you the truth.

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