Chair of the Maryland Young Republican Group that Compared President Donald Trump to Dysentery is a Guest of Mike Pence

Criticizing the Trump administration appears to be no longer a third rail among Republican operatives.

In fact, you may still be rewarded by GOP leadership despite making these comments.

A source close to BLP revealed that on August 23, 2020 Maria Sofia, the chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans received an invitation to Vice President Mike Pence’s acceptance speech at the Republican nomination. Pence’s speech is set to take place on August 26, 2020 in Fort McHenry, Maryland.

In one of her Facebook posts, she stated “It’s not everyday you get asked to attend the Vice President’s speech at the convention in your home state. Honored to be able to attend with some of Maryland’s own Republicans.

Curiously, Sofia is part of a Republican group whose Twitter account liked a tweet by Brian Griffiths, a liberal Republican activist who compared Trump to dysentery in a Tweet he made on August 5.

He tweeted, “There’s a reason: 1. Larry Hogan was overwhelmingly re-elected 2. Trump’s less popular in Maryland than dysentery 3. You’ve never been involved in a winning campaign.”

Serious GOP activists should be asking themselves this: Why are Republicans so lax in their party discipline standards?

Previous comments such as these are indicative of a subversive base within the GOP that is not on the same wavelength with President Trump’s political agenda.

America First is now the reality in the GOP, and those that are not on the same page (especially those who disparage the President) have no business being invited to high profile functions.

Better yet, they should be shown the door. They are probably a better fit with the neocons and Never Trumpers that are now joining the Democrat Party.


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