Charging Documents Reveal “100% ANTIFA” Portland Fugitive Michael Reinoehl Had Been Charged With Second Degree Murder

New charging documents reveal that the state of Oregon was prepared to charge Portland ANTIFA militant Michael Reinoehl with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, a patriotic demonstrator who was shot dead in Portland. Authorities had suspected Reinoehl of involvement in the shooting, and the self-identifying “100% ANTIFA” Reinoehl admitted to the act in a clandestine interview with VICE published on Thursday.

Just hours after Reinoehl claimed he killed Danielson in defense of another person, the 48-year old Reinoehl was killed when US Marshals sought to apprehend him. Authorities are stating that Reinoehl retrieved a semiautomatic rifle when they moved to arrest him, and the longtime ANTIFA militant was shot dead during a considerable firefight.

The charging documents filed by Portland DA Mike Schmidt reveal that the local authorities rejected Reinoehl’s claim that he shot and killed Danielson in defense of a friend of his. In video of the shooting, Reinoehl fires two shots at Danielson, who was nearly across the street at the time. Reinoehl can be heard pointing out Danielson, with his words seeming to resemble “hey, we’ve got a Trumper right here!

The charging documents detail extensive evidence refuting Reinoehl’s claims that he was forced to shoot Danielson, who does not appear to be threatening anyone in the video of the shooting. The charges of second-degree murder with a firearm and unlawful use of a weapon reveal how Reinoehl chambered his weapon upon first seeing Danielson.

Now that Reinoehl’s dead, the state will never have the chance to prove the charges of murder against the “100% ANTIFA” militant in trial.

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