Cheap Labor Lobby Endorses Roger Marshall and Gives Immigration Patriot Kris Kobach the Cold Shoulder

On June 23, 2020, the Washington Examiner reported that the Chamber of Commerce endorsed Kansas Congressman Roger Marshall to replace outgoing Republcian Senator Pat Roberts.

The Chamber warned against voting for Kris Kobach, who many Republican establishment big wigs believe could cost Kansas a red seat in the 2020 elections.

Marshall “has a proven track record of leading responsibly and standing up for good policies,” declared U.S. Chamber CEO Thomas Donohue. “The U.S. Chamber is proud to endorse Roger and looks forward to partnering with him in the future.”

Marshall has a 90% voting record for backing legislative efforts that the U.S. Chamber boosts. In addition, Marshall has a 98% voting record in getting behind legislation President Trump supports, per the polling organization FiveThirtyEight.

Marshall still has to come out victorious in the primary in August to be the GOP nominee. His main competition is Kobach, who is the strongest patriot running for office in the 2020 cycle.

Ashlee Rich Stephenson, the Chamber’s national political director, is a major Kobach doubter. She references his loss to Democrat Laura Kelly in the 2018 gubernatorial race as a reason why Kobach should not receive support.

“Kobach’s performance in 2018 stands out, how badly he lost at the top of the ticket in a red state. There’s no reason to believe he can run for U.S. Senate in 2020 and perform any better,” she commented on the Kansas City Star.

Marshall has received endorsements from the Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansans For Life. At the moment, he has raised $1.9 million in funds, according to Open Secrets.

Regardless of the establishment naysaying, Kobach is the best immigration patriot in this race. His track record speaks for itself. He is also a fantastic candidate for gun owners.

America First patriots living in Kansas only have one choice when they cast ballots in the Republican primaries. Kobach is their guy.

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