Cher Boycotts Google, Facebook Because Russia Used Them In 2016

Cher Boycotts Facebook Google

Cher announced via Twitter that Facebook, Google, and Twitter are responsible for allowing Russians to meddle in the 2016 election, and in response she would be boycotting Facebook and Google.

Cher, music icon and noted critic of President Donald Trump, used her Twitter account to accuse Google, Facebook, and Twitter of allowing Russia to meddle in the 2016 election. She claimed that the platforms’ blind pursuit of profits led them to turn a blind eye to Russian ad buys on the platforms.

“Won’t use Google, getting rid of Facebook account I didn’t know I had,” Cher wrote on Twitter, “These companies have no allegiance to, or [love] of anything but money.” The Goddess of Pop continued, “They might as well be conspiring with Russia to destroy our democracy.”

Cher also added that the nonchalant attitude of the Big Tech giants, and the meddling of Russia, would allow President Trump to return the United States to the “reconstruction,” and accused President Trump of believing African Americans are “less than,” using the hashtag #BlackVotingRightsMatter.

Outside of Cher’s liberal head space, President Trump has worked to rebuild low income neighborhoods, achieved historic low unemployment for African Americans, and endorsed controversial prison reform that could reunite countless African American families.

Additionally, reports from Breitbart, the New York Times, and local newspapers suggest various Russian interests spent approximately $351,000 on the three platforms in the 2016 election, a pittance compared to the $81 million spent by President Trump and Hillary Clinton on digital ads, or the $1.2 billion Hillary Clinton spent on her failed presidential campaign.

While boycotting Facebook and Google, Cher pledged to remain on Twitter, saying she “won’t leave” her fans.

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