Chicago Alderman EXPLODES At Mayor In Conference Call over Riots, Looting: “Check Your F****** Attitude”

A Chicago city alderman exploded on a conference call with Mayor Lori Lightfoot over the city’s failure to contain mass rioting and looting on May 31st, pointing out that the violence and devastation was being entirely unchecked by city authorities.

Alderman Raymond Lopez’s conversation with the mayor descended to profanities, with both city officials cursing one another out after Mayor Lightfoot refused to give him an answer on her plans to stop the rioting and looting, which has been among the most severe in the country.

Listen to the leaked conference call here:

“Half our neighborhoods are already obliterated… My fear is that once they’re done looting and rioting- whatever’s going to happen tonight- What happens when they start going after residents? Going into the neighborhoods? I’ve got gangbangers with AK-47’s walking around right now. Just waiting to settle the score.”

Mayor Lightfoot merely tried to pivot to the next question, to which Lopez demanded that she address his concern.

I think you’re a 100% full of s***, is what I think,” is what the mayor of one of America’s largest cities said in response to his concerns over rioting, largely dismissing his arguments that city government was proving both unable and unwilling to contain the mass criminality occurring throughout the city.

F*** you, then. You need to check your f****** attitude,” snapped back the alderman.

May 31st proved to be one of the most violent days in the history of Chicago, with more than 18 murders on the Sunday and 27 over the weekend. Yet, Mayor Lightfoot seems focused on condemning the community patrols set up by a group of men in the city’s Bridgeport neighborhood, seeming to condemn the peaceful men as a more serious threat to the public than the hundreds or thousands of looters and rioters running amok throughout the city.

There don’t appear to be any imminent protests to call attention to Chicago’s descent into mayhem and little more than third world lawlessness.

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