Chicago District Attorney Drops Jussie Smollet Felony Charges, Cites Actor’s Community Service

The “Empire” actor who allegedly staged a fake hate crime and lied to police, racking up 16 separate felony charges in the process, is now a free man facing no legal challenges after a district attorney determined he already did community service.

Reports indicate Jussie Smollett has already been released, and that the only penalty for his alleged crimes will be forfeiting a $10,000 bond. District attorney Kim Foxx chose to drop the charges because she believed Smollett would have only been punished with community service if found guilty, and that Smollett had already done community service in the past.

TMZ notes that it could find no evidence of Smollett’s previous community service.

Foxx is the same district attorney who local authorities want investigated by federal authorities, after she allegedly attempted to stop the hate hoax investigation.

Big League Politics reported:

The Chicago-area Fraternal Order of Police are questioning whether Foxx sought to have the investigation stunted by requesting that the local authorities hand the case over the FBI.

Foxx, the elected State’s Attorney for Cook County, then recused herself from the case in the thick of the investigation in February, citing “familiarity” with individuals involved in the incident.

Seeking to place an investigation into the hate hoax in the hands of the FBI could have been an effective plan to hush up the incident.

Big League Politics also reported that Foxx attempted to involve the FBI after being asked to do so by former First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House chief of staff:

According to USA Today, Tina Tchen, who worked as Obama’s chief of staff during her time in the White House, reached out to Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx by text message in early February. She requested that the Chicago police hand over the case to the FBI for them to pursue federal hate crime charges. When she received a positive response from Foxx, Tchen then relayed the information to one of Smollett’s relatives who said the move would be a “victory” for the family.

Smollett claims he was attacked by two white men wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats who poured bleach over him and attempted to lynch him while shouting “MAGA country.” The FBI would have investigated based on these claims.

Confusingly, Foxx had previously recused herself from the case according to reports. It is not known when she became involved in the case again, or what led her to determine Smollett’s previous community service would be a sufficient punishment if he were found guilty.

This case represents more evidence that there is a two-tiered standard of justice in this country.

Anti-Trump Democrat actors can be released with absolutely no punishment after allegedly lying to police for weeks, causing them to waste their time and taxpayer money, while also misleading the entirety of America in an attempt to smear President Donald J. Trump, but a sitting president can undergo a two year investigation while being smeared as a Russian agent by media figures and politicians only to be completely exonerated by the final findings with no recourse for those investigated, or those who cheer leaded the waste of taxpayer time and money.

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