Chicago Identifies Statues of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Ulysses Grant for Possible Removal

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has identified 41 American statues within the city for possible removal, in a cultural cleansing campaign that follows a series of attacks on a since-purged Christopher Columbus statue in the summer of 2020.

The Chicago Monuments Project encourages the public to “discuss” their opinions on the monuments, with the suggestion that the city will ultimately removed the symbols ultimately determined to be “racist.”

Out of a collection of over 500 monumental sculptures, commemorative plaques and artworks on the public way and in Chicago parks, the following have been identified for public discussion,” reads the project’s description.

We invite you to review the artworks that have been identified, suggest others, and to share your opinions on the role of monuments in Chicago’s public spaces.

Among the statues of historical figures slated for possible removal are those depicting Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses Grant. Columbus isn’t the only famous explorer in jeopardy, with the Viking traveler Leif Ericson also targeted. Even a Roman-style statue commemorating Chicago’s hosting of the 1893 World Columbian Exposition is up for review.

If removed, it’s expected that the statues will be replaced with figures affiliated with the gay rights and Black Lives Matter movements.

It appears the elite-driven hysteria behind systemic attackson icons of American memorabilia isn’t going to disappear with Joe Biden installed on the presidential throne, and may even get worse.

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