Chicago is on the Verge of a Monument Removal Frenzy

It’s no secret that the present-day Left wants to eliminate European culture.

If they had their way, they would knock down all monuments and commemorations to white hists. From the WASP founders of this nation to European ethnics, no one is safe from the Left’s cancellation efforts. Just taking a look at Chicago in the present will allow us to witness how brazen the Left’s culturally iconoclastic agenda is. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightoot launched a commission last year to review Chicago’s more than 500 monuments. Lightfoot and her cadre are justifying this move as “a racial healing and historical reckoning project.” A good portion of these monuments are viewed as “problematic” by city officials.

The continued desire to purge Chicago of these “problematic” monuments came after Lightoot removed statues of Christopher Columbus from two Chicago parks following the violent protests and looting throughout last Summer’s George Floyd demonstrations. A list of the monuments can be found here

The most notable monuments that are in consideration for removal include three Christopher Columbus monuments and the statues of four presidents: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and William McKinley. The typical canards regarding “white supremacy” were used to justify the monument review. 

There were two lesser known monuments that geopolitical risk consultant Niccolo Soldo recently brought attention to that are likely going to be removed thanks to constant activism by Black Lives Matter. The two bronze equestrian sculptures of The Bowman and The Spearman, sculpted by the famous Croatian artist Ivan Mestrovic, are also being targeted by the radical iconoclasts of the woke Left.

No artifacts of European history will be spared by the multicultural Left. Their hatred of the West can no longer be hidden. Patriotic Americans and members of the Croatian diaspora should do everything possible to secure these monuments and put them on display in locations where no radicals will try to vandalize or use politicians to take them down.

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