Chicago Mayor-Elect Lori Lightfoot Says Smollett Hoax Isn’t Important to Her

Chicago Mayor Smollett Not Important

After Jussie Smollett’s hate hoax attempt stained the entire city of Chicago after the B-list actor attempted to smear its residents, and supporters of President Donald J. Trump, as a group of roving racists, the new Chicago mayor says she does not consider the matter important.

Even after the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police gave Obama-connected prosecutor Kim Foxx a vote of no confidence, pursued civil charges against Smollett, and current mayor Rahm Emmanuel slammed Smollett for his hoax, the incoming Chicago mayor told local media that the hoax “doesn’t rank as a matter of any importance” to her administration.

Smollett infamously told police and the media he was attacked by a gang of Trump supporters at 2 a.m., had bleach thrown over his body, and was nearly killed as the men yelled “This is MAGA country.” Police later found this to be completely inaccurate, and arrested Smollett.

The charges would then be dropped by an Obama connected prosecutor, who previously told the public she had recused herself from the case.

Even Chicago’s outgoing Mayor Emmanuel slammed Smollett for wasting police resources and disparaging the city in the process.

Yet, speaking to ABC 7 Chicago, the diverse mayor-elect refused to comment, except for noting that she does not consider Smollett or his actions important.

“I’m not going to comment on any pending litigation,” said Lightfoot. “Obviously this was a decision that was made by the current mayor, Rahm Emanuel,”

She added, “We’ve got a lot of things on our plate, a lot of pressing issues that are truly affecting people’s lives. This doesn’t rank as a matter of any importance to me.”

It remains to be seen how the civil case will end. Chicago is suing Smollett in order to seek $130,000 as recompense for the massive amount of money spent chasing the imaginary white supremacist attackers, and Smollett’s legal team is exploring a brave new strategy: they are claiming the Nigerians allegedly paid by Smollett to commit the attack were, in fact, wearing “white face.”

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