Chicago Police Recommends Business Owners Set Up Shatter Proof Glass Shields As Robberies Rise

Towards the end of April, the Chicago Police Department advised businesses in its 14th District to set up special shatter-proof glass window protectors to secure their stores from robbers and other criminals. Such activity has been on the rise in recent weeks. 

“This alert gives notice to businesses in the 14th District of recent burglaries in the overnight hours,” the police alert published on April 30 stated.

“The Offender breaks the front/side glass windows of said businesses by means of rock/brick/crowbar to gain entry. Once inside they steal money from cash register, the cash register itself, safe, and liquor.”

The CPD’s community alert noted that one storefront was subject to four smash-and-grab incidents between March 17 and April 15.

On top of that, the suspect responsible for carrying out these criminal acts targeted two additional storefronts. Law enforcement described him as “wearing dark clothing, green gloves, and a dark jacket with fur around the [hood]”.

Further, police noted that there was an “unknown black male getaway driver with a red Nissan Murano.”

The CPD community alert has advised local businesses to stay on the lookout and quickly call law enforcement if they see a possible break-in, check that their security cameras are working properly, and “if possible, use ArmorPlast, an unbreakable shield that fits over existing glass.”

Crime has been rising all over Chicago in recent years. Per CPD crime statistics, cases of burglary, robbery, and theft have been on the rise. Towards the end of 2022, Chicago experienced 14% more robberies, 14% more burglaries, and 56% more cases of theft than it had in 2021. 

Cases of burglary, robbery, and theft in Chicago in 2023 are already on pace to surpass 2022 crime rates.

Per recent CPD crime statistics, the number of robberies recorded in Chicago is 17% higher thus far in 2023 than it was at the same point in 2022, while burglary is 8% higher and theft has increased by 22%.

Overall, Chicago continues to be plagued by high crime. It’s not a coincidence either. Chicago’s high crime rates are the product of lax criminal justice policies, gun control policies that leave civilians disarmed, and a corrupt leadership class that does not care about using government resources to properly address the city’s crime problems. 

The Windy City is in need of a veritable regime change to fully address its lingering crime problems.

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