Chicago Residents Protest Migrant Housing

On May 23, 2023, angry Chicago residents made their voices heard at a community meeting that dealt with the placement of migrants.

In this instance, the city is aiming to use a Northwest Side college to temporarily house migrants. Chicagoans living close to this college are not fond of this immigration proposal  

At the meeting, citizens expressed mixed views about the prospect of housing  asylum seekers at the Wilbur Wright College in the Dunning neighborhood.

Throughout the meeting, participants booed, clapped, and voiced their frustration over the lack of a plan on how to handle the asylum seekers. 

The meeting room was at maximum capacity at one point with angry Chicago residents giving public offices a piece of their minds.  

“You can be compassionate, but you can’t be foolish,” one resident declared.

According to a Fox 32 Chicago report, 8,000 migrants have arrived in Chicago since August 2022 and those numbers are still climbing upwards. 

Some residents support the plan to house migrants at Wilbur Wright College.

“We’ve all struggled and needed help, we should pay it forward. These are people, they are not political pawns,” one resident remarked.

Many other residents were incensed by this plan. 

“We are inviting in everyone like a magnet, ‘Everyone come here, collect all your freebies. We are going to give it to you.’ Every sucker in here is going to pay for it,” another resident fumed.

Per city officials’ figures, 400 migrants would be provided shelter at the college from June 1 to August 1. 

Blue cities have grown derelict with regards to their migratory policies. By turning their cities into sanctuary jurisdictions, they’re deliberately undermining the demographic character of their cities and displacing countless working class Americans. 

A serious nationalist movement would do everything possible to crack down on cities that engage in such treacherous policies. Continuing such policies will result in the complete destruction of our great nation.

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