CHICOMS Vow Retaliation Against America After the CIA Boasts of Vast Spying Network Targeting China

The Chinese Foreign Ministry is vowing retaliation against America after the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) touted their rebuilt spying network in China.

“We’ve made progress, and we’re working very hard over recent years to ensure that we have strong human intelligence capability to complement what we can acquire through other methods,” said CIA Director William Burns during the recent Aspen Security Forum.

This offended the Chinese communist government who stated they would be responding decisively to this insult.

“This is rather concerning. The US on the one hand keeps spreading disinformation on so-called ‘Chinese spying and cyber attacks,’ and on the other hand tells the public about its large-scale intelligence activities targeting China,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning, adding that China shall “take all measures necessary to safeguard national security.”

China has killed or captured dozens of CIA spies over the past several decades in order to disrupt the deep state’s malign intelligence operations. Under Burns, the CIA has increased its spying operation with an additional focus on supporting Taiwan.

Big League Politics has reported on the repeated escalations by the U.S. military as they pivot to China with their proxy war against Russia fizzling out:

The United States Army Special Command (USASOC) is conducting war game exercises in preparation of going to war with China in order to defend the nation of Taiwan.

According to, the USASOC fired “recoilless rifles, breached tunnels and operated Switchblade drones that flew with an unsettling whiz over a training area” while conducting the exercise on Thursday of last week.

“The [People’s Republic of China], in accordance with our national defense strategy, is our true pacing challenge out there,” Lt. Gen. Jonathan P. Braga, USASOC commanding general, stated before the exercise took place.

“Ultimately, what we are trying to do is prevent World War III. That’s our job,” he added, apparently without a hint of irony or self-awareness.

With the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine not going so hot, the U.S. is apparently goading China in order to keep the global war machine afloat a little while longer. Military officials are growing more brazen in their agitation against the rising foreign power.

“I’m going to receive a brief from my boss giving us a task to conduct an operation to counter the [Chinese People’s Liberation Army] on the island of Taiwan,” a Green Beret officer said.

The military-industrial complex has gone mad with hubris in their psychotic bloodlust to provoke World War 3. Only collapse of the U.S. Empire will restore peace and sanity to the world at this point.

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