China and Russia Issue Ominous Joint statement Claiming that a “New Era” Isn’t on the Horizon.. it’s Already Here

Back on February 4th of 2022, China and Russia issued a joint statement symbolizing not only their new found alliance, but also their malcontent feelings towards Western dominancy in the world. In the eerie 13 long page document, China and Russia state their claim that the uni-polar world is dead and the multipolar world is here. Their goal being “issuing a transformation of the global governance architecture and world order.”

They do not directly name the United States, but go on to say ‘Some actors representing but the minority on the international scale continue to advocate unilateral approaches to addressing international issues and resort to force; they interfere in the internal affairs of other states, infringing their legitimate rights and interests, and incite contradictions, differences and confrontation…” According to Russia and China, not only the United States but many other countries are guilty of this. The most recent example being how countries are indirectly and directly supporting Ukraine during the Russian invasion.

Ironically, not much further into the statement China and Russia say that both of their countries, “have a long history in the provision of democracy. The sides note that Russia and China as world powers with rich cultural and historical heritage have long-standing traditions of democracy, which rely on thousand-years of experience of development, broad popular support and consideration of the needs and interests of citizens.” One has to wonder how the people of Hong Kong, Ukraine and the Uyghur Muslims feel about this excerpt of the statement.

The document goes on to name all the counter productive measures the “majority states” have taken that go against the “mutually beneficial” goal of globalization. They don’t mention the United States at all throughout the memo, but after reading the document you can guess who they are targeting with these remarks. 

Russia and China have long been enemies, to see them so closely aligned in a time where it seems all countries are picking sides is something to be weary about. We had the opportunity to turn Russia against China back in 2000 during the Clinton administration. Putin had asked Clinton “how would America see Russia joining NATO?” Clinton said he had no objections, yet according to Putin he could see Americas ”practical stance by America’s open support of terrorists in North Caucuses, ignoring Russian demands and concerns, withdrawing from the arms limitation treaties and so on.” Now, Russia and China are closer aligned than ever. Both countries working together and issuing joint statements is a bad thing for the United States, and anyone who values freedom and independence. 


Check out the actual document here.

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