China-Backed TikTok Platform Bans Accounts of Popular ‘America First’ Conservatives

The China-backed social media platform TikTok has banned several popular “America First” conservative voices from using their service.

Paleoconservative vlogger Nick Fuentes, national student leader Jaden McNeil and former Infowars reporter Jake Lloyd were tossed from the platform with no reasons given by TikTok as to why the censorship was enacted.

Controlled opposition voices on the Right are celebrating the Orwellian move by the communist spying tool as a victory.

McNeil alleges that a conspiracy was hatched between the phony right and the far-left to target “America First” voices and protect their phony debate.

There may be something to McNeil’s claim as Nick Lowenberg, a popular TikTok personality who appeals to conservatives with his content, called for an alliance with the Left to defeat the banned personalities, and then declared victory when they were censored.

The far-left is also running victory laps after organizing a digital lynch mob to target the America First voices at the behest of Lowenberg.

This is not the first time that mainstream conservatives have used ANTIFA-style tactics in an attempt to deplatform their right-wing competition.

Big League Politics reported on how Conservative Inc. tried to cancel iconic pundit Michelle Malkin because she refused to throw “America First” patriots under the bus last year:

Right-wing commentator Michelle Malkin is being targeted by Conservative Inc. – the billionaire-funded operative class that keeps the conservative movement from actually conserving anything – for cancellation with similar tactics and rhetoric that are regularly deployed by the far left.

Malkin drew the ire of Conservative Inc. after she gave a defiant speech last week where she applauded “America First” patriots who were challenging speakers such as Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, Never Trump cheerleader Ben Shapiro, and neoconservative Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX)…

Malkin gave the speech to the UCLA chapter of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), which released a statement afterward that looks as if it was written by a staffer with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

YAF’s denunciation of Malkin comes while other Conservative Inc. operatives throw her under the bus. It is clear that the paymasters in charge have sent the order that it is time to lead a politically-correct witch hunt against Malkin, in a shameful example of right-wing cancel culture in action…

While the “America First” patriots asking pointed questions at campus events can certainly be incendiary and offensive at times, they have made quite a substantial impact in a short period of time.

The ramifications of their grassroots agitation against Conservative Inc. are just starting being seen, as phony conservatives are forced to adopt ANTIFA-style tactics to ward the insurgents off. This is only the beginning, as the “America First” patriots vow much more of the same in the months and years to come.

The agitation of the “America First” crowd has exposed the conservatives who do not stand for freedom of speech and will use the Orwellian power of Big Tech for their own malicious ends.

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