China Criticizes the US for Sending Arms to Taiwan

During a press conference at the National People’s Congress on March 7, 2022, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said that China doesn’t get why the United States demands China not to provide arms to Russia, but simultaneously provides arms to Taiwan. 

“The Chinese people are asking reasonable questions. Why does the US rant about respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity when it comes to Ukraine, but forget to respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity when it comes to Taiwan and China? Why is it that on the one hand they ask China not to supply arms to Russia, but for a long time they have been selling arms to Taiwan in violation of the August 17 (1982 – TASS) consensus?” Qin stated. These remarks came at a time when the US intelligence community was speculating that China was about to provide Russia with a copious amount of military aid to help it with its fight in Ukraine. 

Per the Chinese Foreign Minister, the US should respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity on the issue of Taiwan, which has generally been a pillar of American-Chinese relations. Namely, the US has not recognized Taiwan as an independent political entity.

However, things have changed with the US beginning to pivot to Asia. With the US now trying to contain China, it’s going to use Taiwan as a potential battering ram against China. Taiwan functions as an unsinkable aircraft for whoever controls it, so China has every reason to reunify with it, in addition to its historical attachment to the region, which has historically been a part of Chinese civilization. 

At this juncture, the US has no business lecturing foreign countries about how they should conduct their own foreign policy when it’s causing nothing but mayhem abroad. 

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