China is Worried About NATO Expansion into the Pacific

China has expressed its concern about NATO’s efforts to project its influence into the Indo-Pacific region. The Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov made these remarks during an interview with Rossiya-24 television on July 1, 2022. 

“A special concern here, in the Asia-Pacific region and on the Pacific coast, is caused by NATO’s attempts to go beyond its geographical scope declared upon the bloc’s creation, namely, beyond Europe and, specifically, Western Europe, and extend its ‘tentacles’ as it is called in China, to the Asia-Pacific region,” the Russian ambassador stated.

Denisov claims that China is trying to expose NATO’s mischievous intentions and show other Asian countries that such maneuvers are potentially destabilizing in nature. 

The ambassador stated that Russia shares China’s apprehensions about NATO overreach.  

“We are concerned over the NATO policy in the same way as China is,” the Russian ambassador remarked.

Indeed, the US should decouple economically from China and limit immigration from it as well. However, the US should avoid militarily containing China. This will lead to a disastrous conflict with a nuclear-armed power. The US already bungled the Russo-Ukrainian conflict by trying to arm Ukraine to the hilt and gradually incorporate it into the West’s security umbrella — moves that angered Russia. 

Now, it wants to export the same failed model to East Asia.

The US should use firm economic populism mixed with foreign policy restraint to confront China. There’s no need for taking a neoconservative approach against it. It’s up to the populists to make the case for a restrained approach to China that benefits the US economically while also promoting security. 

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