China Now Challenging The West In Space, Says Expert

While the West has been spending the last few decades indulging in increasingly ludicrous levels of political correctness and decadence, it appears that Communist China’s leaders have been working tirelessly to eat the West’s lunch and use the industrial sectors it has carted off over the past four decades to challenge Western hegemony in an increasing number of areas on the world stage. In addition to overtaking the American economy in real terms back in 2014, the CCP now wishes to pursue dominance in the final frontier at the direct expense of America and the West more generally.

According to The Epoch Times, space industry veterans expressed their concerns about China’s encroachment on the West’s preeminence in space during a session in the UK’s Parliament this past Tuesday. One of those in attendance was Lockheed Martin Space UK Regional Director Nik Smith, who expressed that “I think China is one of the biggest issues at play geopolitically. China is building up a strong military and civil and more commercial space programme now. It’s very advanced. The threats are increasing from them,”. Indeed, as the only economy in the same league as America and the EU, China represents the only other political entity with the resources, economics of scale, and the ambition to challenge either side of the North Atlantic for geopolitical supremacy in any appreciable regard.

Smith went as far as to liken the situation in space to Huawei’s efforts to dominate the global 5G market, saying that “If the Chinese continue to invest particularly commercially—they are building a 13,000-satellite mega constellation funded by their government—we need to be careful not to fall into that situation that we saw with Huawei,”. Smith further added that “we need a coordinated Western response on this, working closely with our allies.”. Given the propensity of Europe’s welfare states to routinely shirk on even the most basic defense responsibilities, it seems very unlikely fiscal cooperation can be coaxed from them by the Biden regime, assuming America’s sniffer-in-Chief even willing to acknowledge the threat.

Meanwhile in America, it would appear that the main goal of NASA these days is not to exceed the achievements of the Apollo program, but instead to promote diversity as the main goal of the organization, which of course will exclude diversity of thought, the one diversity that matters in achieving excellence. In stark contrast, China plans on landing a crew on Mars as early as 2033, with plans to send reinforcements every two years during the launch window.

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