China’s COVID-19 Quarantine Centers

Medical workers in protective suits check a child patient as they conduct ward rounds at Shanghai New International Exhibition Hall, which has been turned into a makeshift hospital for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Shanghai, China April 9, 2022. Picture taken April 9, 2022. China Daily via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. CHINA OUT.

Inside China’s COVID-19 quarantine centers-draconian lockdowns, forced vaccinations, exterminating family pets, and even coerced relocation to government facilities. These are just some of the tactics being deployed by China’s communist government in a futile attempt to control Shanghai’s Omicron BA.2.

Amongst the cries of despair, we will take a peek into the goings-on within China’s Orwellian “COVID Quarantine Centers”. These horrifying realities perfectly illuminate the hell scape of authoritarian control the radical left wishes to exert over society. One where everything you care about is subjected to the infinite and amorphous litmus test of the “greater good of society”.

Make no mistake that this will be the West’s inevitable future if we continue down the road of incremental progressivism. The process of globalization is eroding Western preeminence and ceding international power to China’s version of all-encompassing, and inescapable, totalitarianism.

Life Inside Covid Camps

Amidst their record-breaking spike in Covid cases, China is relentlessly attempting to stamp out the coronavirus with the full might of the CCP. They’ve transformed large buildings into quarantine centers with a zero-tolerance policy for occupants. This means that even mere contact with a Covid positive individual will automatically have health officials escort you to a Covid Centre. Which is a close-quarters, zero-privacy, and zealously monitored “living area” patrolled by government health officials.

(image: China’s COVID-19 Quarantine Centers)

One Shanghai resident was called in the dead of night and informed she tested positive for Covid. Hours later she was shuttled to a makeshift quarantine center where what little rights you hold depend entirely on a rapid test result.

Another resident explains the routine once you are declared diseased by the government:

“When you arrive you have to register in your IDs. The rooms themselves are around 1000 people in just one huge room separated into cubicles of two people per cubicle. There’s no shower facilities. You wash in a sink with a towel. The hygiene is terrible. We’re more scared of getting Covid because we’d have to go there than actually the effects of the virus itself.”

Day-to-Day Realities

Besides the cramped conditions and poor hygiene, former inmates report that hostilities run high under such conditions. People steal food from one another, fights break out over space and privacy, and the Covid positive patients can be kept for endless months without reprieve.

A Ukrainian national living in Shanghai named Jane has been reporting on her experience inside the camp. She admits that legal rights are unrealistic and it’s clear that you are not permitted to simply walk away. She is quoted as saying:

“I am pretty sure there will be legal repercussions if I just walk out from this place. It’s not that easy because — although we can go outside sometimes when they let us out — there is a fence, so I would have to climb the fence and that would definitely attract a lot of people with their phones.”

She also notes the arbitrary detention with no information given about the duration of stay or what will set you free. People are forced to rely upon anonymous government health workers to facilitate freedom and relay information. Under these conditions, human rights are laughable fiction for the communist overlords.

(image: China’s COVID-19 Quarantine Centers)

Futility of the Measures

Despite the heavy-handed and brutal coercion of these measures, the virus is still spreading wildly. Omicron BA.2 is surging across the communist country despite a fully vaccinated population, snap lockdowns, and obsessive monitoring by the Health Ministry. As Alex Bereson constantly reminds us “virus gunna virus” regardless of the government violence handed down onto its citizenry. You cannot eradicate a respiratory disease through arrests, detentions, and threats.

They reported nearly 25,000 new cases yesterday alone amidst a “quarantine area” with 15 million people. This is in a population with at least an 88% vaccination rate and the most restrictive Covid measures imaginable. Nothing seems to help, but that won’t deter their fanatical push for mandatory health.

Much like here in North America, the desperate and flailing attempt to control COVID-19 has done more damage than the virus itself. Except that in totalitarian societies like China, the government has no restraints on its power whatsoever. This means that the stated ideals of “public health” and the “greater good” can be enforced without recourse and that you must learn to “love Big Brother”.

This is what we are headed toward if we do not reject medical fascism in all its forms.

Covid-Zero is a fantasy cooked up by demented totalitarians hellbent on owning the entirety of your life. Never let them regain an inch of ground because all signs point towards the virus’ seasonality. They will try again come the Fall…

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