Chinese Communist Party Media is Rooting for Black Lives Matter

According to a piece by Paul Joseph Watson at Summit News, the Chinese state media outlet Xinhua is rooting for leftist insurrectionist group Black Lives Matter.

The outlet went so far as to draw a cartoon with police officers equipped with pitchforks and torches pursuing a black man.

“Statistics show, time and again, that some are disproportionately prejudiced against in the U.S. #FightRacism,” the official Xinhua News account Tweeted.

The image depicts three white police officers and a dog chasing a black male. While in pursuit, the officers exclaimed, “hunt that blackie!

The Chinese Communist Party has taken advantage of the BLM movement to try to gain international clout and stir up unrest within the U.S. The CCP wants nothing more than a weakened U.S. that is tearing itself apart. From there, it can position itself as a more “stable” alternative to the U.S. and continue projecting its soft power.

Similarly, by accepting the American Left’s narrative on police brutality, the CCP can draw attention away from its brutal human rights track record against ethnic minorities such as the Uyghurs.

Several Twitter users caught on to this and pointed out the irony in the CCP’s attacks against the U.S.

“So how are the Uighurs doing up in Xinjiang?” inquired one user.

Another user called attention to how China takes down black people from promotional material for Hollywood movies.

China has a very strong ethnocentric ethos and is not very friendly towards minority outgroups. After all, China views itself as “Zhong Guo” (the Middle Kingdom).

Watson pointed to a Spectator article detailing how Chinese people with a darker complexion receive harsh treatment. Some children get called “monkeys” if their complexion is perceived to be too dark.

In her Spectator piece, Carola Binney observed that racism in China is “so commonplace it can seem almost cheerful” and she noted that racism is a “standard undercurrent of public debate.”

All in all, China has no business lecturing the U.S. about racism.

Nevertheless, the U.S. should get its domestic house in order and tighten its migration and trade policies with China.

China will seek to exploit any vulnerabilities the U.S. has, and policymakers should do everything possible to shore up any weakness the U.S. has and keep China at bay.

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